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-water based wood floor refresher from Junckers

-suitable for refreshing varnished wood floors

-it will finish your floor in a cool satin finish

-to be applied over clean and dry floor surfaces

-very resistant to normal and commercial traffic

-to be applied with a flat mop or a polish applicator

Give Your Floor A Facelift With The Junckers Refresher 5L

The beauty of wood floors is renowned. That natural look and feel, with the grain patterns and wide range of textures available, bring a warm and relaxing ambience to the interior space. It's more than just about looks. Wood is popular because of its durable nature. Its structure allows it to withstand heavy footfall which has seen it be installed in high traffic establishments. All it needs is to be properly maintained, which involves sealing the products such as Junckers water or oil-based lacquers, and regular cleaning. There are also functional attributes, like its heat insulation properties. It prevents heat loss from the building, enabling you to lower your energy bills when it comes to running your HVAC unit. The wood structure also reduces sound reverberation, cutting down on noise levels in the interior space. However, it's not invincible. Over time, the wood surface loses its appeal, and it needs some touching up. That`s where the Junckers Refresher 5L comes in.

Just what degrades the wood surface? For starters, there's the abrasion from foot traffic. The soiling that`s on the floor gets grinded against it under the soles of people's feet. This gradually wears it down. Then there is the issue of the kind of footwear that people have on. Spiked shoes scratching the floor, high-heeled stilettos concentrating the wearers entire body weight on a fraction of the surface thus increasing the pressure, all through to those with rubber soles that leave behind marks. Then there are the effects of the elements, from changes in the environment temperature and humidity conditions to the effects of the sun's infrared and ultraviolet radiation. These contribute to the dulling of the finish, slowly eroding the appeal of your installation. You invested heavy in getting the wood floor that matches your taste, and you want to make sure that it remains elegant all through. The first measure is ensuring that it has been finished using water or oil based lacquers which form coats of protection. This is then followed with regular treating with products such as the Junckers Refresher 5L, which enables the floor to retain its superb look and feel.

Benefits Of The Junckers Refresher 5L

1. Breathes new life into your floor
You get to replace that dulling look with a silk matt finish that accentuates in the interior space. You can use the Junckers Refresher 5L in the modern day busy home all through to the busy commercial establishments. With a brighter floor, and those minor scratches that were ruining its appeal having been hidden, you get to have an enhanced decor.

2. Protect your floor
The water-based polyurethane Junckers Refresher 5L dries to form a tough coat of protection on the floor's surface. This increases its wear resistance attributes, protecting the underlying structure and enhancing the durability of the floor finish. This enables your floor to stand up to the abuse it receives on a daily basis, prolonging the life of your investment.

3. Fast application
Using the Junckers Refresher 5L is a breeze. Simply spread the coats onto the clean floor and let them dry. The drying time is also fast. It takes around 1-2 hours to dry (at conditions of 20 temperature and 50% RH). The surface will be ready to handle light traffic in just 3 hours, after which a second coat can be applied if needed. It will have fully cured in 72 hours.

4. Wide coverage rate
The Junckers Refresher 5L comes with a 20-25 m² per litre application rate. As each, each unit you purchase gets to be used to treat a vast floor area, giving you more value and reducing your costs. You don`t need to drench the surface in the product. 1-2 coats of the Junckers Refresher 5L will be enough. The frequency with which the floors are treated depends on the level of traffic handled by the establishment.

5. Cost-effective
The Junckers Refresher 5L enables you to cut down on your establishment maintenance costs in various ways. First, since it revitalises the flooring, you won`t need to keep sanding down to the bare wood and removing the finish each time the floor begins losing its appeal. Using the Junckers Refresher allows you to spruce it up without overhauling the entire layers of finish that had been applied. Secondly, by enhancing the floor protection, you get to reduce the repair and replacement costs that would have cropped up later on. This results in more savings in your budget. Then there`s the affordable price tag that the Junckers Refresher 5L comes with, enabling you to make savings right off the bat.

How To Use The Junckers Refresher 5L

The Refresher comes ready to use so you won`t need to dilute it. The recommended tool for application is a flat floor mop. In each scenario, the floor needs to be first thoroughly cleaned. Those dust particles, grease and residue from detergents used should be got rid off and the floor allowed to dry. The cleaning can be done using the Junckers Sylva Cleaner and Sylva Neutralizer. When the floor is ready, follow these steps for the different situations:

Maintaining stable lacquered surface:

In this case, the existing lacquer is sound and intact.

1. Shake the product well in its container.
2. Perform a spot-test on an inconspicuous area in order to observe the resultant appearance after it has dried. Scrape it with a coin's edge to check the adhesion. Once satisfied with how the outcome will be, you can proceed.
3. Apply a thin coat of the Junckers Refresher 5L. Remember to keep a wet edge through the application, and avoid overlaps.
4. Allow to dry.
After you`re done, clean the tools used for the application using soapy water.

Treating worn out surfaces
For those situations where the lacquered surface has been beat down as a result of wear, it will need to be refinished. Here, the floor is in a dilapidated condition, and needs a fresh new start. First, start by sanding through to the bare wood, and then add a primer to the surface, followed by the sealing using a Junckers lacquer system.

Junckers Refresher 5L

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