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Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer


-low odour, 100% polyurethane lacquer for wooden floors

-suitable for domestic floors & commercial wooden floors

-one component floor varnish & non yellowing floor finish 

-it will cover between 8 to 10 square meter per L of varnish

-suitable for sealing new floors or previously sealed floors

-very easy to apply, very fast drying, superb natural finish

-available in ultra matt finish, mat finish & silk matt finish

-no special training is required to use this superb product

-suitable for varnishing floors, furniture, doors, windows

-Junckers Strong Premium is suitable for interior use only

-this superb water based floor varnish is available in 5L


Spruce Up Your Floor With The Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer

Wood is simply elegant. That natural look and feel it brings into the premises cannot be denied. It sets the tone for grandiose living and working conditions, enhancing the ambience and comfort in your establishment. You want to protect the installation, and even bring out its colouration. The surface is under attack from all kinds of substances, from food and drink spills, soiling tracked into the building under people’s shoes, all through to the hard and spiked footwear that people trooping around your establishment have. Take heels for instance. They exert high pressures per square inch of surface, straining the underlying structure. Add to that the constant traffic that grinds the soiling into the wood surface, causing abrasion that reduces its quality and beauty. There is also the risk of scuffs and scratches, which increases when there are pets around due to their claws. The higher the traffic, the higher the rate of degradation. There's also the threat of water damage brought about by spills, since the wood is hygroscopic, and absorbs or releases moisture depending on the differences in relative humidity with the surrounding. In addition, the sunlight brightening up your interior space causes the flooring to fade as a result of the light from the ultraviolet (UV) radiation and heat from infra-red (IR) radiation. You want your flooring to be able to withstand the abuse, and retain its sophisticated touch. You want a product that can be applied to its surface that will ensure that the underlying structure is safe from the constant barrage caused be everyday use, while still enhancing the décor of the interior space, and bringing out the hue and comfort that you desire. That's right up the alley of the Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer.


What You Get From The Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer

1. Superior strength

The Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer is true to its name. It comes with high levels of resistance to wear and tear, enabling it to meet the demands of high traffic areas such as commercial establishments, be they hotels, restaurants, retail stores, shopping malls, even gymnasiums and educational institutions. The Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer serves to protect the wood from the abrasion caused by masses trooping on it all through the day, and also heat from solar radiation, plus increasing the floor's resistant to water damage. You can also bring this durability into your home. 100% polyurethane, it is highly resistant to scratching, heat, alkyd and acids. 


2. Get your desired sheen

Do you want Matt, Ultra Matt, or Silk Matt gloss for your floor? With the Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer, you are free to make your selection based on the requirements of your interior ambience. In addition, after the 1-component Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer dries, it forms a colourless film, that allows the woods natural colouration to shine through. That way, you get to enjoy the cosy and elegant tone that you set for your establishment. It also doesn’t develop the dreaded yellow tint, as it remains clear over time. 


3. Fast application

After preparing your floor, use your brush or roller to apply even coats of the Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer onto it. Its smooth flow rate makes getting an even coat a breeze, and enhances the efficiency of the process. Remember to stir or shake the Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer well before use. You can also use a spray gun for the application.


4. Rapid dry-time

You've got things to do and places to be. You don’t want your DIY floor finishing job taking up your entire weekend at home. For contractors, you want to be able to deliver quality results to your clients fast. The efficacy of the application, plus the fast drying of the water-based Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer, enables you to do so. The coats will dry in about 3 hours at 20C and 50 % RH. As a welcome bonus, the speed prevents dust from setting into the finish.


5. Flexible

The Junckers Strong Premium Laquer is suitable for wood flooring at different stages of the installation, whether it is new and bare without any treatment, or it had been previously sealed. 


6. Low odour

You want to preserve the indoor air quality of your residential or commercial space. The water based Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer ensures that you do. There are no toxic fumes to worry about. That way, you won't make the persons accessing your commercial establishment uncomfortable, or be forced to move out of your residential space until it fully dries.


7. Cost effective

The Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer comes in an affordable 5L container. In addition, the high quality of the product means that you’ll be getting more bang for your buck. The enhanced attributes of the flooring, such as its strength and durability, also means that your maintenance budget on repairs and replacement is slashed down, enabling you to accrue more savings. Moreover, it enhances the value of the property, enabling you to rake in more profit in case you're renting or selling the space.


Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Junckers Premium Premium Lacquer

· Ensure that the floor is clean before applying the Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer. Dirt, wax, soap residues and grit will affect the quality of the results. Vacuum and mop them away, and wait for it to dry.

· Always sand in between subsequent coat applications. It’s recommended that you use 150-180 grit sandpaper, going along the wood grain. Before the sanding, allow the previous coat to dry.

· When applying the Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer on previously sealed floors, you can do a spot test to check or the strength of adhesion to the surface, and the appearance that results. It will determine the number of coats that you will apply. 

· It's recommended that you wait out the 72 hours curing period after applying the Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer before cleaning the floor. That will prevent the results from getting damaged.

· Have a regular cleaning schedule to remove the soiling that builds up on the floor. It will enhance the life of the finish. In addition, watch the water content as you mop. Use a well wrung-out mop or cloth. Food and drink spills should be cleaned up immediately they occur.

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