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-top of the range water based wood floor polish

-its satin finish is sure to enhance your wood floor

-it will cover around 10 to 30 square meter per 1L

-very easy to apply and very easy to clean & maintain

-not suitable for polishing oiled or waxed wood surfaces

-suitable for polishing commercial & domestic floors



Accentuate Your Floor With The Junckers Sylva Wood Floor Polish

Wood is loved for plenty of reasons. Some go for it due to its aesthetic appeal. It's stylish and elegant, bringing the look and feel of the outdoors to the heart of your home or business premises. It's also great at absorbing sounds. These acoustic properties are what make it a top option for establishments like music and dance studios. Then there's the ease of cleaning. No one wants to spend loads of time and elbow grease getting rid of dirt and grime from the floor. With a wood surface, you won’t have to. Its non-electromagnetic nature means that the surface won’t be hoarding dust and other particles. It also doesn’t absorb them, hence those spots will stick out, enabling you to make quick passes with your broom or damp mop. As a welcome bonus, installing a wood floor reduces your carbon footprint. It’s an eco-friendly choice in various ways. For starters, the high demand has seen more and more certified sustainable forests being put up, hence contributing to global efforts of reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Secondly, its manufacturing process produces much less pollutants, when compared to other options like concrete and bricks. It also reduces your energy bills, since its insulatory properties help in preventing heat from escaping the building. It also provides a great medium for installing underfloor heating. Then there's the durability aspects. Wood is a tough flooring choice, capable of lasting as long as the building itself. You just have to ensure that it is properly maintained. For this, you need a quality product. That's where the Junckers Sylva Wood Floor Polish comes in.


What exactly does you floor need protection from? Since it catches everything that falls, that's a start. But it’s not just the knocks from objects getting dropped. As dust and other particle accumulate on the surface, they set the stage for abrasive action to occur. This is because people will come walking on them, hence grinding the particles against the wood. The resultant friction wears down the surface. On top of that, there's there footwear that the persons in the establishment have on. From the spikes shoes that end up creating scuff marks, to the high heels that apply loads of pressure on limited sections of the floor, there will be increased strain on the wood. Do you have a cat or dog? Your furry friend comes with sharp claws, that are a direct threat to the floor finish. Even furniture plays a role, especially when it’s being dragged across the surface, instead of being lifted and moved. Food and drink spills cause stains to form- especially when the liquids are left standing on the surface for too long without being cleaned up. You want to be able to increase the stain resistant attributes of the finish to prevent unsightly patches from popping up all over. Since floor treatments also smoothen out the surface, you want to increase the traction in order to be able to protect persons from slip and fall accidents. You can make this a reality using the Junckers Sylva Wood Floor Polish.


Benefits Using The Junckers Sylva Wood Floor Polish 


1. Spruces up the floor

It's all about the beauty of your floor. The dirt took it away and you want it back. That's exactly what the Junckers Sylva Wood Floor Polish enables you to do. It gets rid of the dilapidated look and feel, restoring the elegant style of your flooring. It accentuates the features of the wood grain, the swirls and allows the attributes of the lacquer coats that had been applied to be more prominent. Your decor gets enhanced, and you are able to come home to an inviting ambience each day. Your comfort and peace of mind is restored, and even your hosting capabilities get bolstered. After all, you’ll have a wow effect from your visitors the moment they walk through the front door. For business owners, the Junckers Sylva Wood Floor Polish enables you to get back that charm that impresses clients coming over to seek your products and services. Consequently, your image gets a boost. The improved working conditions also enable you to focus more on your activities and get those creative juices flowing, since you’ll not keep getting distracted by blemishes on the floor surface.


2. Provides enhanced traction

The Junckers Sylva Wood Floor Polish is designed to improve the slip resistance of the surface. This enables your floor to provide the required grip, even in wet conditions- like happens with spills at restaurants, or the huge loads of sweat that are produced out on the dance floor in clubs. You get to reduce the risks of injury, enabling you to protect your loved ones at home, and avoid hefty costs with litigation and claims being made in your business premises. Providing a safe environment in your commercial establishment additionally enables you to enhance the productivity of your employees.


3. Fast Application

Using the Junckers Sylva Wood Floor Polish is a breeze. All you need is some additional water to do the dilution, and a lint-free cloth to apply it onto the surface. Note that you should apply it using a thin layer. When it comes to the regular weekly maintenance, the Junckers Sylva Wood Floor Polish is diluted with water using a 1:10 ratio, such as mixing 100ml of it with 10L (10000ml) of water. In this case, remember to properly wring out the mop or cloth that you will use. The dilution ratio can be increased, depending on the level of traffic that your establishment handles.


4. Pocket friendly

With the Junckers Sylva Wood Floor Polish, you get to reduce the costs of maintaining your floor. Its two packages, the 5L and 1L, are affordably priced, meaning that right from the word go you'll be making savings. When it comes to the application itself, each unit takes you a long way. You get to cover extensive floor surface with the high quality product, giving you a value return for the amount you've invested. In addition, by enhancing the wear and slip resistance of your floor, you get to avoid costly repairs and workplace injury claims later on. 


DOs And DON'Ts Of Using The Junckers Sylva Wood Floor Polish 

· DO wash the surface to remove the excess soiling, grease residue, food smudges and other impurities that are on it, as they will ruin the quality of the results.

· DON'T dilute the Junckers Sylva Wood Floor Polish when treating high traffic establishments.

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