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-professional  quality neutral wood floor cleaner

-suitable for heavy duty cleaning or maintenance

-one of the most cost effective wood floor cleaner

-suitable for washing varnished and polished floors

-highly recommended for sport rooms, bars, gyms

-dissolve dirt on impact and leaves no residue 


Wash Away Grime With The Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner

Getting a wood floor brings warmth and elegance to your establishment. All around the world, property owners are going out of their way to get the perfect design, colouration and patterns to suit their interior décor. After all, they come with a high-end aesthetic look that never goes out of style. Not only does it impress your guests at home and customers at your workplace, but it also increases the resale value of the premises, enabling a faster deal and fetching a higher price. For landlords, it even enables you to justify the premiums to your customers. But it's not all just about aesthetics. The wood also brings durability and convenience on board- pun intended. When properly taken care of, the installation can last for generations. In addition, it becomes easy to preserve the indoor air quality, as the lack of fibres, grout lines and embossing means that less allergens get trapped. There’s also a plus when it comes to acoustics, as a well-installed wood floor won’t give you hollow sounds and vibrations. You want to be able to continue relishing these benefits of the wood floors for longer. Proper maintenance includes regular washing, and you can do that effectively with the Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner.


Your floor comes under a lot of abuse simply due to the dirt that lands on it. Underfoot, those dust particles are like sandpaper, slowly but surely wearing through the finish. This causes it to become dull and drabby with time. As the finish coats get degraded, the structural integrity of the underlying wood is exposed to damage from more factors, including natural elements like the sun's radiation, which causes fading. Food spills on the floor also draw pests, from insects like cockroaches and rodents such as mice. These leave behind body waste that contributes to the soiling. For the rodents, their claws are a direct threat to the surface, as they cause scratch marks, sometimes going as far as digging out gorges. The minute particles can also be kicked into the air as people walk on the premises, or furniture is moved around, increasing the risk of allergic reactions and exacerbating respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. All this can be prevented from the onset by getting rid of the grime. However, one needs to be cautious about the kinds of chemicals and systems used during the cleaning processes. For instance, those acrylic waxes cause the wood to become slippery and dull quickly. Common soaps leave layers of residue, which actually hold dirt rather than giving your floor that clean shine you desire. Vinegar, alkaline and ammonia-based products eat through the finish, reducing the durability and wear resistance attributes of the protective coat. Steam mopping can even damage the wood itself. You want a product that makes the cleaning process a breeze, getting rid of the grime without posing risk to the wood structure. Turn to the Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner.


Reasons For Investing In The Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner

1. High efficacy

The Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner has been designed to wash away the dirt and grime from the floor, from the soiling, greasy residue, gunk and body waste left behind by insects, all through to the particles carried over by draught into the building. It will have your floor sparkling in minutes. The anionic surfactants in the Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner draw up the molecules of the particles, lifting them from the floor surface to be washed off. Mopping is fast, and the drying faster. In fact, under normal conditions the floor will be ready to use in just 5 minutes. That's a huge bonus in terms of convenience, as you won’t be locked out of rooms at home, or seal away sections of your business establishment for long.


2. Safe for your wood floor

When it comes to the sensitivity of wood floors to pH variations, you want to certain that your installation is safe. With the Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner, you can rest assured that the grime will be eliminated without risk to the underlying wood, or the finish that has been applied. It has an undiluted pH of 8.5, and 6-8 when diluted. This ensures that there won’t be any reactions with the material or the wood, regardless of the species or type of coat used. In fact, the Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner is suitable for both oiled and lacquered floors. And after you’re done with the cleaning, it will not leave behind residue or films, which means that you won’t need to worry about rapid resoiling. 


3. Multipurpose

The Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner can be used in residential establishments, including houses, apartments, and even the hospitality industry, all through to commercial establishments like office buildings, warehouses, gyms, dance studios, schools, and even health care institutions. There are no fumes created, thus sustaining the indoor air quality of the premises.


4. Ease of use

With the Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner, working on the surfaces is a breeze. Simply prepare the solution, then use your mop, cloth or other form of cleaning system that you have to get the dirt off the floor. The solution is formed by mixing 50–200 ml of the cleaner with 10 litres of water. The concentration you use depends on the level of soiling in your establishment. In addition, the cloths or mops should be well wrung. 


5. Cost convenient

You get to choose between 1, 2.5, and 5 litre options when purchasing the Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner. They are all affordably priced, to enable you get quality cleaning action without stretching your budget.


Extra Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner

· The floor should be cleaned regularly, to prevent dirt and grime from building up.

· Avoid steam cleaners for the process, since they apply excessive heat and water, which can lead to effects like cupping and long-term damage to the wood.

· In case you use mop spray systems to clean the floor, ensure that the water dispensing rate is low. You don’t want to end up drenching the surface.

· Any food and drink spills should be wiped up as soon as possible.

· For those cases when you're relacquering the floor, you'll need to remove the traces of the Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner that remain on the surface after you wash it. You can use the Junckers Sylva Neutralizer for that.

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