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Junckers Wood Stains

-high coverage universal wood stain from Junckers

-suitable for sealing/staining all types of wood surfaces

-can be overcoated with any floor lacquer from Junckers

-to achieve unique colours & finishes you can mix stains

-750 ML of wood stain will cover around 25 square meters

-to be applied only on new or newly sanded surfaces

-usually dries within 2-3 hours but can vary

Junckers Wood Stains - Where to use

All Junckers Wood Stains are oil based and suitable for staining any type of solid or semi solid wood surface. The wood stain can be applied on floors, frames, doors, skirting, statues, furniture, handles, etc. The surface has to be sealant free, dry and clean. Junckers Wood Stains are suitable for internal and external use. You need to remember that a wood stain is just a colour and it will require a sealer to protect it. All Junckers Wood Stains can be sealed with Junckers Hardwax Oil or any water based or solvent based sealers from Junckers. The photos listed above are informative only and the actual final colour will vary from surface to surface.

Junckers Wood Stains - How to use

Old wood surfaces will require a fine sanding to remove any type of pre-existing finishes. New wood surfaces will have to be fully dry, clean and smooth. Small areas can be stained with a towel cloth while larger floor areas will require a low speed floor buffer and a white floor pad. Stir the tin of wood stain before using it. Soak the cloth in the stain and start rubbing it against the wood surface, going along with the fibre of the wood. The wood will absorb whatever it needs and you will have to remove the excess stain. 2-3 hours later, varying from surface to surface, you can seal the surface. You can use a water based floor lacquer from Junckers or a hardwax oil. 

Junckers Wood Stains - Coverage area

750 ML tin should cover around 20 to 30 sq meter of floor. It all depends on the type of wood, the quality of the finish and the way you apply the stain. By using a floor buffer you will double the coverage area and you will achieve superior results.

Junckers Wood Stains - Cleaning

Any surface stained by accident should be cleaned immediately to ensure full removal of the stain. After the wood stain has dried, it cannot be washed away. To prevent accidental staining of furniture or skirting protect it with masking tape before starting the job

Black Wood Stain         Cherry Wood Stain       Driftwood Grey Wood Stain

Mahogany Wood Stain      Nut Wood Stain       Walnut Wood Stain

White Wood Stain       Anthracite Grey Wood Stain

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