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Katrin Classic Zig/Zag 1ply White Hand Towel

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-professional quality 1 Ply hand towels

-suitable for low to medium traffic area

-approved for direct contact with food

-certified under EU flower eco label 

-quality interleaved hand towels (zig/zag)

-it will realse 1 sheet at time to avoid waste


A Look At The Katrin Classic Zig/Zag 1-Ply White Hand Towel

How clean are your hands after you wash them? If you do it well, you'll have got rid of the soiling and pathogens crawling all over the skin. However, the hygiene process doesn’t end with soap and water. Wet hands have a high risk of getting contaminated- with nearly a 1000 times more chance of picking up bacteria than dry hands. The last thing you want to do is pick up more pathogens from the restroom just after washing your hands, or contaminating your food just before you eat it. You don’t want your hands to become a germ magnet. As such, you need to ensure that they are properly dried. It's not about rubbing them against your clothes or some other nearby surface. Shaking the hands is not effective. Walking around with wet hands also causes water to drip onto your items, and even something as simple as a handshake becomes a problem. You need a solution that will absorb all the moisture content from them. That's a job for the Katrin Classic Zig/Zag 1-Ply White Hand Towel.


Hand hygiene is a critical aspect of our lives. After all, most communicable diseases are transmitted primarily by touch. The contamination is also easily spread by the hundreds of surfaces you touch in your day to day lives- from the railings, door knobs, purses, light switches, money, credit cards, and even as you text away on your smartphone. Paper hand towels do more than just absorb the water. The rubbing process transfers the microbes from your hand into the sheet's fibres, further enhancing your health and hygiene standards. Make this happen by getting the Katrin Classic Zig/Zag 1-Ply White Hand Towel. 


Reasons For Investing In The Katrin Classic Zig/Zag 1-Ply White Hand Towel


1. Superior drying power with each sheet

The paper hand towels come with high absorbency power, sucking up the moisture from your hands with ease. In under 10 seconds, your hands will be completely dry. The drying may be quick, but that doesn't mean you don't want to enjoy it too. The Katrin Classic Zig/Zag 1-Ply White Hand Towel is soft, giving you the most out of each drying session. As it picks up the moisture, it cuddles your hands with its premium quality texture, bringing a calming and soothing feel. 


2. Convenience

You don’t want to spend lots of time in the restroom queuing for the dryer. You don’t want customers in your office building, club, hotel, or even retail store crowding the washrooms as they wait for their turn to dry their hands. Air dryers usually permit only one person at a time, and each person could spend close to a minute using it. Most get discouraged and skip the drying process all together. Paper hand towels prevent this from happening. When placed strategically near the sink, people can easily pick a sheet and proceed to dry their hands without having to wait for another person to get done. This eliminates the crowding, and enhances the efficacy of operations, especially in areas like restaurants or catering and hospitality events where hand washing takes place frequently. 


3. Easy to use

Using the paper hand towels is not rocket science. Simply pluck and dry. This enhances customer satisfaction. Their effectiveness, and even appealing look on the counter, increases the positive perception that people have about your business. 


4. Versatile

They have numerous uses. Has there been a grease stain as you were preparing fried foods? Fix it using the paper hand towels. You can even prevent those cooking oil drips that roll down the side of the bottle. Simple fold one Katrin Classic Zig/Zag 1-Ply White Hand Towel sheet and wrap it around the bottle, securing it with anything from tape to a meagre rubber band. You can even take advantage of its high absorbency to do the reverse of the drying process- like when some wetness is ended. For instance, you may want to soften some brown sugar. Instead of putting some bread in the sugar bag and waiting for a day or two, simply moisten one of the paper hand towels, place it in the sugar bag and toss them into the microwave for 20 seconds. That'll do the trick. The Katrin Classic Zig/Zag 1-Ply White Hand Towel even makes your cooking better. A key step in creating that mouth-watering crust on steak is blotting it out before frying it. Use the paper hand towels to get a dry surface on your meat. Fruits and vegetables can also be dried. Wrapping your greens in the towels will absorb the excess moisture, preventing them from going yellow and wilting, which effectively increases their shelf life. Your herbs will remain fresh for longer, and the quality of the produce will be maintained. The Katrin Classic Zig/Zag 1-Ply White Hand Towel has been approved for contact with food.


5. Eco-friendly

The paper hand towels come with EU Flower Eco Label certification. This takes a look at the entire life of the product, from the composition of its raw materials, to the production, and its disposal after use. The Katrin Classic Zig/Zag 1-Ply White Hand Towel can thus be trusted to be safe for the ecosystem. 


6. Cost effective

The paper hand towels come at budget friendly prices. Wastage is also prevented, since a sheet is produced each time a person wants to dry their hands, and the next sheet is kept ready- due to the interleaved nature of the product. In addition, the high absorbency reduces the number of sheets of the paper hand towels needed to dry the hands, which further benefits your wallet. With each purchase lasting for long, it reduces the costs of maintaining the hygiene levels of your establishment.


DOs And DON'Ts Of The Katrin Classic Zig/Zag 1-Ply White Hand Towel

· DO shake your hands in the sink before drying them. This is to eliminate the excess moisture.

· DO use a sheet at a time. The high absorbency of the paper hand towels ensures that that a single sheet is all you'll need to dry your hands. This also helps prevent wastage.

· DON'T dry your hands on your clothes like pants or aprons, or other soiled surfaces. This is to prevent recontamination after you've washed them. Use the paper hand towels

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