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Kent Mop Bucket Set With Wheel Support | 16 L

  • Brand: 11
  • Product Code: 04980
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Kent Mop Bucket Set With Wheel Support | 16 L

  • 16 L mop bucket on wheels suitable for medium to large floor cleaning projects

  • Reasonably priced, very well made, grey color with a durable grey squeezer

  • The mop bucket has internal graduation for easy chemical mixture and dilution

  • Suitable for light commercial floor cleaning projects and residential floor cleaning

  • The mop bucket is unaffected by harsh chemicals, hot water, UV Light or shocks

  • Easy to move around and very easy to store it even in the narrowest spaces

  • A durable mop bucket manufactured from shock resistant plastic components

  • Its large wringer can fit all types of mop heads up to about 300 Grams

  • This mop bucket is guaranteed to last for very long periods of time under heavy use

Kent Mop Bucket Set With Wheel Support | 16 L - Why Use It

Most mop buckets fitted with wheels are pretty expensive. But the new Kent Mop Bucket Set With Wheel Support | 16 L is highly affordable and very well manufactured. These mop buckets would not be suitable for industrial use, but for light residential & commercial day to day cleaning project this mop bucket is ideal. It can be filled up with any type of cleaning products and it can be moved over large floor areas without lifting it up. It will work great in an office, retail, gym, shop, etc. 

Kent Mop Bucket Set With Wheel Support | 16 L - Where To Use It

A professional mop bucket suitable for cleaning medium to large floor areas. Its wheels make it very handy to use on large floor areas. Because of its very large size, the mop bucket will require less refilling. Perfect for washing school floors, pub floors, restaurant floors, gym floors, office floors, retail floors, residential floors, etc. Its very large squeezer can accommodate all kinds of small, medium and large mop heads up to 300 G weight. 

Kent Mop Bucket Set With Wheel Support | 16 L - How To Use It

The internal graduation makes it very easy to dilute cleaning products. Select the most appropriate cleaning agent for your floor, dilute it and add water. The mop bucket works with cold or hot water. Select a mop head to suit your particular needs and start washing your floors. Place the mop head inside the bucket and allow the mop to absorb as much cleaning product as possible, lift up the mop head and place it inside the wringer. Apply enough pressure to the handle until all the excess liquid is drained away and start mopping the floor. As the mop head dries up, you will need to repeat the operation.

You are just about to use one of the most affordable mop buckets on wheels. This professional quality mop bucket will enable you to work faster, better and do it in less time. 

Kent Mop Bucket Set With Wheel Support | 16 L

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