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12 OZ Twine Kentucky Mop Head

-one of the most famous commercial mops in the world

-very absorbent, very tough and very long lasting

-suitable for washing big commercial floors/areas

-it will work well in conjunction with a wringer bucket

-made from high quality cotton fibres & other materials

-Kentucky Mop 12OZ is no 1 option for most contractors



12 OZ Twine Kentucky Mop Head – Where to use

The great advantage of Kentucky Mop 12 OZ is the fact that is big enough to be used for big commercial floors but it is also small enough to be used on domestic floors. Kentucky Mop 12 OZ is not the biggest mop from the Kentucky type, but it is one of the most versatile mops available. Kentucky Mop 12OZ can be used in conjunction with a wringer mopping bucket but it can also work well with a normal mop bucket. You can wash floors with Kentucky Mop 12OZ, you can use it to strip floors or you can use it to apply floor polish. In other words this is a multi task mop.



12 OZ Twine Kentucky Mop Head – How to use

What makes Kentucky Mop 12 OZ such a great floor mop, is the fact that it can absorb huge quantities of moisture at once. Many people use Kentucky Mop 12 OZ to dry flooded houses or to absorb moisture from toilets, tanks, floors, gardens, etc. If you plan to wash a floor make sure that you wet the mop well and then wring it out properly before use. Even if the mop does not look soaked you will be surprised about the size of the floor that can be washed in one go. If you use the Kentucky Mop 12OZ with a wringer, make sure that you squash the mop head between the wringer arms until no more moisture comes out. If you plan to strip a floor you will need to wet the mop and not dry it. To strip a floor a lot of moisture is required. If you plan to apply polish with a Kentucky Mop 12OZ you will need to pore the floor polish into a wringer mop bucket and soak the mop. Dry all the excess polish and then apply the polish on the floor like you wash the floor. Avoid drips. You can use the Kentucky Mop 12OZ as you like but the most common way of using it is for floor washing, floor stripping & floor polishing.



12 OZ Twine Kentucky Mop Head – Safety

A quality mop can be a great cleaning tool but also a great way of damaging your floors. If you use the Kentucky Mop 12 OZ to strip floors, you will need to either use that mop head for floor stripping only or throw it away. By washing a polished floor with a mop soaked with stripper you will destroy the floor. Even if you wash a bathroom floor with bleach based products and then use the same mop head to wash a polished lino, you will destroy the polish on the lino floor. Different mop head for different types of floors. Always allow the mop to dry over night and avoid leaving the mop in the water for long periods of time. Even if the Kentucky Mop 12OZ was made to be used with water, keeping it in a solution tank for weeks will shorten its life.



12 OZ Twine Kentucky Mop Head – Recommendation

If you are looking for a heavy duty commercial mop suitable for big and small floor cleaning jobs you need to consider Kentucky Mop 12OZ. You will be impressed. Many cleaning companies use these mops on a daily basis. Buy bulk and buy cheaper.


12 OZ Twine Kentucky Mop Head – This mop will get the job done faster & cheaper!

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