Kentucky Mop 16oz

Product Description

Kentucky Mop 16oz

-superb quality mop made from highly absorbent fibres

-suitable for commercial and domestic floor cleaning jobs

-it will absorb at list twice as much moist than other mops

-suitable for daily floor maintenance and heavy duty cleaning

-due to its quality it can be machine washed many times over

-highly recommended for schools, pubs, restaurants, hotels

-it is build to last, absorbent and very cost effective product 



Kentucky Mop 16 OZ Review

Floors get dirty. It's inevitable. It's all about gravity. The floors catch anything that falls off from the dinner table and the gunk that's tracked in under people’s shoes. The loose debris brought in from the outside, in addition to the layers of dust piling up on the surface, is gritty and wears down the floor. It scratches and dulls the finish, making your once-elegant floor to be all dull and drabby. There’s also the soiling from the air, which includes substances like auto fumes, pollution, and smoke particles. The particles cling to the surface of the floor, and when they combine with moisture and sunlight, they attack the finishing, resulting in further degradation. Spills are also common- from the morning coffee accident as you were hurriedly preparing for work, to the personnel in your workplace who were walking around with oil residue on their shoes. Commercial establishments, from restaurants to retail stores handle more human traffic, hence get dirtier faster. You want a product that can restore the beauty and elegance to the premises efficiently. Get squeaky clean floors using the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ.


When you have kids and pets, the floors will need to be cleaned more often. First, there's the increased frequency of food and drink spills. Then there are those times that your kids decide to showcase their artwork by making doodles all over the floor. Dirty toys, smudges and the occasional intentional mess when the little one is on a rampage, or throwing a tantrum, will have to be addressed. Pets on the other hand leave fur and dander all over. These not only increase the soiling, but they also pose a legitimate health risk. Inhaling the particles can lead to allergic reactions, from simply coughing or sneezing to full blown asthma attacks. The pets spend a lot of time hopping around and playing on the floor, and you want a product that can be trusted to remove all the soiling that they leave behind. Turn to the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ.


Benefits Of The Kentucky Mop 16 OZ

1. Pure Yarn

The Kentucky Mop 16 OZ is made of pure yarn, giving it superior absorbency. You can use it when cleaning both large and small floor areas. It effectively absorbs and spreads out the cleaning solution, from the mopping bucket to the floor. It picks up the soiling with ease without releasing it, enabling you to get the areas cleaned up faster. Its absorbency also makes it a popular choice for clearing spills, or drying up an area after a plumbing accident. Whether you’re absorbing grease and oil splatters in the kitchen and food preparation zones, cleaning up food and beverage spills in your living room or restaurant, or drying up liquid spillage on uneven flooring, the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ won't disappoint you. Its long fibres enable it to work on rough areas of the floor, and cover a wide expanse with every application. The Kentucky Mop 16 OZ also provides the needed dwell time for the disinfectants you use to kill the pathogens and other microbes on the floor. 


2. Durable

The Kentucky Mop 16 OZ is designed to last for longer. The tough nature of the yarn ply enables it to withstand heavy cleaning needs, enabling it to be used for different flooring applications, from mopping to applying polish and stripping the floor.


3. Easy to use

Working with the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ is a breeze. It does not require any special skills. The Kentucky Mop 16 OZ easily reaches the tight areas around toilets, and is effective in places with congested furniture, such as classrooms or patient rooms. Manoeuvring around fixtures will be a breeze.


4. Colour coded

The Kentucky Mop 16 OZ has colour coded patches, giving you a schematic approach to your cleaning needs. It enables you to categorise the different mop heads for different purposes in your residential or commercial establishment. The colour coding scheme is for hygiene purposes, preventing cross contamination by ensuring only specific mop heads are used for designated purposes, such as working in bathrooms, corridors, living areas, etc. This also makes it easy to know at a glance which mop head you need for every occasion.


5. Easy maintenance

Simply washing and rinsing after the cleaning session is all that is needed. 


6. Cost effective

First, the superior quality of the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ gives you more bang for your buck. Since it lasts for long, it reduces your cleaning budget. The Kentucky Mop 16 OZ is also affordable, and you get more cleaning action out of every purchase. In addition you can get it in a pack, lowering your overall costs. 


How To Use The Kentucky Mop 16 OZ

The Kentucky Mop 16 OZ is used with a bucket and wringer. Follow these steps for the different applications:


Floor cleaning

1. Prepare the cleaning solution.

2. Wet the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ, wring it out, and use it on the floor. The high absorbency of the mop head means that it can work on a large floor space even when it doesn’t look soaked. 

3. Change the cleaning solution regularly.

Stripping the floor

1. Prepare the floor stripper solution according to the product's specific instructions.

2. Wet the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ with the solution.

3. Apply to the floor.

Polishing the floor

1. Prepare the polish solution in the bucket according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Soak the mop in the solution.

3. Wring and apply the polish. 


Tips For Using The Kentucky Mop 16 OZ

· A basic measure you should take is to mop from the back of the room, heading towards the exit. You don’t want to be forced to walk over areas you've just cleaned. 

· After cleaning your floor, wash, rinse and wring the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ. Allow it to air dry. Don't store it while wet. 

· Designate the mop heads to their specific uses. Don't use the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ you had stripped one floor area with to clean another. This is to prevent you from transferring the stripping agents to the different floor installation. 

· Avoid leaving the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ in a mopping bucket with a cleaning solution for long, like overnight. This is to prevent you from weakening the fibres.

· Watch out for drops as polish your floor. You don't want to spread the polish unevenly. As such, ensure that you've wringed out the excess floor polish solution from the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ.


Kentucky Mop Head 16 OZ

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