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-professional washing up liquid that is suitable for machine or manual washing

-Evans Kind Washing Up Liquid is one of the best kitchen degreaser out there

-it will clean, dininfect, degrease and refresh the whole area in one easy wash

-the ideal product for deep cleaning and degreasing vehicles, motobikes, etc

-its high dilution rate makes it one of the most cost effective washing up liquid

-its low PH makes it suitable for washing stainless steel, plastic, chrome, etc


Kind Washing Up Liquid - Where to use

Kind Washing Up Liquid is much more than just a washing up liquid. It can be used as a floor cleaner, window cleaner, general cleaner & disinfectant, car cleaner, carpet cleaner and much more. This product is a high quality degreaser and oil remover. Kind Washing Up Liquid is the only cleaning product required for most types of cleaning jobs. Kind Washing Up Liquid can be used for washing dishes and glasses. It will leave the surfaces spotless, streak free and fully disinfected. Suiyable for commercial and domestic use. This product is highly recommended for washing up dishes in very busy offices where the risk of infections is high. It will clean and refresh in one quick go. Kind Washing Up Liquid will generate just enough foam to get the results with creating too much foam. For ven better results please use Evans Kind Washing Up Liquid with hot or warm water.


Kind Washing Up Liquid - How to use

You need to bear in mind that Kind Washing Up Liquid is a highly concentrate washing up liquid. Please use small amounts of washing up liquid at once to avoid over use or too much foam. Use a dilution rate of 1 to 500 for floor cleaning jobs, a dilution 1 to 1000 for general hard surface cleaning and use a tiny drop of washing up liquid when washing dishes but add more as needed. Some surfaces might require oversoaking to achieve good results. Even if Kind Washing Up Liquid is very soft on your skin, a pair of gloves is highly recommended under constan use. Due to its high dilution rate, Evans Kind Washing Up Liquid is one of the most cost effective washing up liquids out there.


Kind Washing Up Liquid - Safety

This professional washing up liquid is pretty safe. It has a neutral PH and very low acidity. Please store away from kids and pets and keep stored in a cool place. Do not mix Kind Washing Up Liquid with other types of high Ph cleaning products to avoid reactions.


Kind Washing Up Liquid - Professional washing up liquid for less!

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