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Klindex KP 85 Marble Polishing Powder 5Kg

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-premium marble polishing marble from Klindex

-it will create a cool finish on all natural stones

-easy to use, no special training is required

-suitable for commercial and domestic floors

-highly regarded and highly reviewed product

Klindex KP 85 Marble Polishing Powder 5Kg Review

Just like any other surface, marble floors, countertops and walls also require regular maintenance to protect them and keep them looking elegant. However, there is more at stake when particularly dealing with marble. The structure is porous, causing it to easily get discoloured by food and drink spills, ink, oil, and also water damage. Specialised products needed to be used for working on marble. Acidic agents can cause etching and leave dull marks. Using conventional detergents that are employed during routine cleaning of other surfaces in the establishment may also result in the same, going as far as staining the marble. Even those that contain high alkaline levels can lead to the marble surface losing its shine. Water itself, in case it contains minerals like chlorine, potassium, magnesium and their salts, when used regularly to clean the marble floor can result in spalling, pitting and yellowing. Removing stains and dirt spots by scouring, scraping, or the indiscriminate application of bleaching agents, vinegar and other harsh cleaners is also detrimental to your investment. You want a product that has been uniquely formulated for the task, and that's where the Klindex KP 85 Marble Polishing Powder 5Kg comes in.

How To Use The Klindex KP 85 Marble Polishing Powder 5Kg

Usage is a breeze. It has a straightforward application, enabling you to bring back the glamour to your marble and stone surfaces in moments. Follow these steps:
1. Spread some of the Klindex KP 85 Marble Polishing Powder 5Kg under the felt.
2. Add very little water, just enough for a dense mud to form.
3. Proceed to polish the surface. It's recommended that you work on small areas at a time.
4. Rinse the surface carefully using water.

Note that during the usage, the water should be minimal. Too much water prevents the marble surface from heating, which in turn hampers the polishing action. So don`t go drenching the surface or using copious amounts to prepare the mud/paste. In addition, the rinsing should be thorough, to ascertain that you don`t leave behind any of the powder on the polished surface. This is to ensure that the gloss obtained is preserved.

Benefits Of The Klindex KP 85 Marble Polishing Powder 5Kg

Cleaning action

A blend of multiple fast acting abrasive powders, the Klindex KP 85 Marble Polishing Powder 5Kg is mixed with water for the quick removal of the soiling that's caked onto your marble surfaces, the unsightly soap scum, and even those stubborn stains that have adhered to the structure. This makes it a convenient product for the daily maintenance and general cleaning of the marble surfaces.

Glossy results

The polishing action with the Klindex KP 85 Marble Polishing Powder 5Kg enables you to enhance the gloss level of the surface you`re working on, be it walls, countertops or the floor. This spruces up the ambience of the interior space, further enhancing your satisfaction with the results. The powder is also used after the surfaces have been taken through the grinding process.

Safe application

The calcium-containing Klindex KP 85 Marble Polishing Powder 5Kg is safe to use on marble and stone surfaces. Specially designed or the task, you don`t have to worry about the surface dulling or getting etched, and issues like pitting or spalling. You get to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your installation without putting your investment at risk. A versatile product, the Klindex KP 85 Marble Polishing Powder 5Kg can also be used on porcelain, terrazzo and glass surfaces.

Klindex KP 85 Marble Polishing Powder 5Kg

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