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-professional marble polishing cream from Klindex

-also suitable for polishing terrazzo & travertine

-easy to apply, no special training is required

-it will create a natural shine on natural stone floors

-recommended for commercial & domestic floors

Klindex KP92 - Marble Polishing Cream Review

Marble surfaces have been popular through the centuries, for that timeless, classic look that they bring to the interior space. It's one of the most beautiful and elegant natural material used for floor, countertops and other installations, in both residential and commercial establishments. While they have a strong structure that can last for long, marble surfaces require dedicated care to retain that magnetic aura. Issues like abrasive cleaners can do plenty of damage. Marble can get scratched easily, with such cleaners causing erosion of the top layer. Acidic cleaners, on the other hand, react with the marble, eating into the surface. Conventional cleaning products containing acidic contents like vinegar and lemon juice may be effective in getting rid of the stains on other hard surfaces in the establishment, but they will outrightly ruin your marble floor. Detergents also come with their effects, tending to dull the marble surface, and can also contain chemicals that harm the finish. You want to get rid of the dirt and grime, not watch as your elegant floor, walls or countertops lose their shine. The Klindex KP92 - Marble Polishing Cream enables you to take proper care of your installation, getting rid of the grime and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the marble surface.

How To Use The Klindex KP92 - Marble Polishing Cream

The cream has an easy application, and it comes ready-to-use, which enables you to restore the elegance to your marble surfaces in moments. Follow this procedure:

1. Start by spreading a small amount of the Klindex KP92 - Marble Polishing Cream onto the surface you`re working on e.g. the floor, then add then add a minimal amount of water. Only use the cream with water, and never mix with other cleaning agents, especially acidic products.
2. Work it to a cream that looks like yoghurt, using equipment like floor pads or white discs in normal rotary machines. Continue until the surface becomes lucid.
3. Use a clean white disc to wash the surface thoroughly.
4. Allow to dry.
5. Polish the surface using a dry floor pad or white disc.

Note that while working with the Klindex KP92 - Marble Polishing Cream on the floors, countertops or whichever other surface, the cream should always retain that "yoghurt-like" state. If need be, you can always add some water and more polish. In addition, never leave the polish cream on the surface. This is to ensure that the gloss level attained remains unaffected. As such, after application, ensure that the surplus product has been washed off.

Benefits Of Using The Klindex KP92 - Marble Polishing Cream

Polishes the surface

The Klindex KP92 - Marble Polishing Cream enables you to bring back the shine to dulling marble and limestone surfaces. It can also be used right from the cleaning stage, since it's effective in removing soap scum build-up, plus those stains that are embedded in the surface. Since it has been specially formulated for the task, you get to achieve the results you desire without putting the structural integrity of your installation at risk. The Klindex KP92 - Marble Polishing Cream works across the scope, in kitchens, restaurants, office buildings, shopping malls, nursing homes- anywhere marble flooring and similar surfaces have been installed.

Preserves indoor air quality

You don`t have to worry about fumes being generated, or perfumes that may cause reactions to the persons on the premise. The Klindex KP92 - Marble Polishing Cream is safe to use, and is unscented, thus making it convenient for indoor applications. You get all this without straining your budget, since the cream has been affordably priced.

Klindex KP92 Marble Polishing Cream

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