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Evans L.S.P - Liquid Spray Polish 750ML


-highly efficient universal liquid spray polish

-it is suitable to use on antic & rare furniture

-the ideal polish for computer areas & screens

-it will leave a long lasting shine & a pleasant perfume

-suitable for wood, veneer, laminate, stainles steel, etc

-suitable for domestic and commercial polishing jobs

Evans L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish


L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish Review

You invested a lot in getting your establishment to look good- from getting high quality furniture, to installing sparkling windows. However, due to constant attack by substances from the environment, they lose their lustre. Over time, surfaces begin to look dull. This can be the result of dirt build up, water spots, or smudges from frequent use. Fingerprint marks, grease smears, dust coatings, all reduce the beauty of surfaces. Acidic substances can etch your countertops, plus grease and soap residue can build up on your cabinets and furniture, causing them to look faded. It may just be the aging, which makes your items look forlorn. Exposure to sunlight and the elements accelerates the aging process. As much as you try to clean them, you find it difficult to restore them to the gloss that you desire. You need a product that can bring back the original sheen of your items and surfaces. That's where the L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish comes in.


When polishing, there's the issue of static. Build-up of static attracts dust and other fine particles from the environment, which form layers on the surfaces. This makes the items to dull faster, and appear dirty and unkempt. That's just the beginning. The particles building up on the surface become gritty, increasing the chances of scratching. It will ruin your cabinets, TV screens, all the way to glaze surfaces. You need a product that can prevent this from happening. Turn to the L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish.


Benefits Of The L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish

1. Long lasting shine

Make your surfaces pop and come to life. You get to give your items a natural appearance with a high gloss finish. The L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish brings the glow to your surfaces. It's a fast acting product that makes your furniture, cabinets and even windows to look shiny and clean. The L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish provides exceptional results, without leaving swirl marks. Restore the vitality to your old furniture and make your glass sparkle. It leaves a deep shine that enhances the elegance of your items. This improves the ambience of your residential or commercial property. The polished surface will have higher light reflectivity, which projects a bright and professional image.


2. Surface cleaner

The L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish also comes with cleaning power for your furniture and other surfaces. It contains a blend of cationic and non-ionic surfactants, which enable you to remove the dirt and dust particles from your items as you polish them. You get clean and shiny surfaces in one application. Since the polished surface is more resistant to soiling and staining, it makes subsequent cleaning procedures easy. By brightening up the interior space, the L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish also makes you more comfortable in your own house. You will feel relaxed when you come home in the evening after a busy day at work, and you can invite guests over without worrying about the state of your surfaces. Clients to your workplace will be impressed by your décor, which goes a long way in boosting the image of your business. Even your employees will be more productive, as they will be motivated by the clean and appealing conditions in the workplace. 


3. Anti-static

The L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish reduces the rate of dust build up, and prevents the surface from picking up other particles via static. This reduces the number of times you’ll be needed to schedule cleaning sessions in your home or office building. It also makes the L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish ideal for monitors and TV screens.


4. Enhance the life of your surfaces

You get to enjoy your items for longer, from the furniture to the windows. Polished surfaces are more resistant to scuff marks and staining, which enhances their durability. They’ll be less vulnerable to damage, hence cutting down on the need for replacements and repair. The L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish also reduces the amount of maintenance you'll be required to do on the surfaces, since they'll won't be harbouring dust, dirt and allergens. 


5. Cost savings

First, the L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish is affordable. You get to restore an elegant sheen to your surfaces without breaking the bank. Secondly, it reduces your maintenance costs, due to the enhanced resistance to soiling and damage. The L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish even reduces your energy costs. The high reflectivity cuts down on your artificial light requirements, which lowers the energy bills at the end of the month.


6. Multi surface polish

The L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish is versatile, being used on furniture and windows in homes and offices, to retail stores hotels and restaurants, auto show rooms, all the way to warehouse outlets. You can use it on different kinds of surfaces, from wood and veneer to stainless steel, laminate glass, acrylic glazing, formica and chrome. It also works on painted surfaces. Use the L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish on hard shiny surfaces from your cars and RV's, to boats and motorbikes. You can buff the surface to the level of sheen you desire.


7. Perfumed

You want your items to smell good too. The L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish leaves the surfaces with a clean, fresh fragrance. It's safe to use around children and pets. It doesn't affect the indoor air quality, and there are no toxic fumes to worry about.


8. Ready to use

You don't have to worry about dilution ratios. Use the L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish straight out of the bottle. You can get it in the 750ml trigger spray bottle, on in the 5L bottle for economy. The L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish is also easy to use and doesn't require any special skills. 


How To Use The L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish


Use it undiluted. Follow these steps:

1. Spray it sparingly onto the surface.

2. Wipe immediately using a soft and dry cloth.

3. Buff to get a lustrous finish.


In order to use the L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish on hard-to-reach areas, or computer monitors and TV screens, you can first spray it directly onto a cloth, then proceed to polish the surface. 


Tips For Using The L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish


· Overlap your strokes as you wipe the surface. This ensures that its entire area is polished.

· In case you want to polish away scratches, use a buffing pad that is slightly abrasive.

· Unplug electronics before polishing them.

· Do not mix the L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish with other cleaning agents.

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