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Large Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White

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-very large commercial fire retardant pedal bin

-suitable for pubs, restaurants, public buildings

-painted with quality fire resistant white paint

-ergonomic build, great looking and durable

-it comes with fire retardant certificat  SII 210/2 

-its 90 L volume will fit 22" x 44" large bin bags


Large Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White Review

Fire- the useful servant but terrible master. Fires have burnt on homes, businesses, hospitals, causing millions of dollars’ worth of property damage. Some infernos have claimed lives and others have left people permanently scarred, affecting the quality of their lives. A common source of fire is the items thrown into the trash. Sometimes it’s lit cigarette butts from people smoking and simply tossing then into the bin. When there are items in there such as newspapers, a fire can ensue. Other times there could be arson attempts, with the bin being a popular target. There have even been cases of people burning some food in the microwave then taking it to the trash can after waiting for it to be cool to the touch. The internal heat however caused there to be a fire. You want to be able to avoid such incidences. In high traffic areas, you cannot keep a tab of what everyone is throwing into the trash, which increases risk. Preventing the fire itself becomes a vital step. That’s where the Large Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White comes in.


Time for some Chemistry. It’s all about the fire triangle. These are the 3 elements- Heat (or an ignition source), fuel and oxygen. A fire basically starts when a fuel reacts with the oxygen in the air after being ignited. All the 3 elements must be present for a fire to break out and sustain itself. If one of them is missing or removed, the fire will not start, and in case it’s already burning, it will be extinguished. Any element that emits a spark or a flame can be an ignition source, from a damaged torch or a cigarette butt, to static electricity from items rubbing against each other. Hot materials tossed into the trash can also ignite the flame. Fuel comes from other combustible materials ranging from paper, wood, and clothing, to flammable solvents- including remnant from the cleaning bottles and floor treatment solutions used in the premises. There is plenty of oxygen in the atmosphere around us that can turn an ember into an inferno. Air has approximately 21% oxygen. The Large Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White disrupts this triangle, enabling you to protect your establishment.


Benefits Of The Large Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White

1. Fire retardant certified

It comes with Fire Retardant Cert SII 210/2, tested and trusted to deliver. The polyester powdercoated structure is fire resistant. The lid shuts against the air seal, starving flames of oxygen, effectively killing them off. This enables the Large Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White to enhance the safety of the premises, from petrol stations, mechanics shops, cafeterias, labs, and institutions, office suites, hotels, retail stores, hospitals, and all through to the food industry. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.


2. High capacity

With a volume of 90L, there is plenty of room to toss in the trash. The 845m high, 490mm wide and 325 deep, the Large Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White can hold the large size 26" X 44" bags. As such, the Large Fire Retardant Pedal Bin Whit can handle the high demand for storage space for waste that is generated in commercial establishments and health care institutions.


3. Durable build

The Large Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White is manufactured from Zintec Pre-Coated Steel. It gives it the strength to withstand years of usage, giving you more value for your purchase.


4. White

Even aesthetics factor in. The Large Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White blends well with the backdrop of the interior or exterior space. The white colour creates a feeling of order and serenity, a far stretch from the look and feel garbage is known for. 


5. Hands-free operation

The lid is operated using the pedal at its base. This makes the Large Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White a hygienic option. Persons tossing away trash won’t need to get into contact with the lid, reduces risks of contamination. This is major relief for high traffic establishments. The self-closing lid also comes in handy in case someone decides to start a fire- like what happens during arson attempts. There have been reports of arsonists filling bins with newspaper and lighting them up with flames. However, when the lid comes down, it will seal off the fire and extinguish it from within the bin before it gets a chance to build up.


6. Cost effective

The Large Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White comes competitively priced. This allows you to lower the garbage management costs of your enterprise. In addition, you get to avert numerous fire disasters, so you save on the costs you would have incurred due to items in your establishment getting razed down in an inferno.


Tips For Using The Large Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White

· Empty the Large Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White regularly- whenever its garbage collection day, or immediately it gets full. You don’t want the items lying around for longer than is necessary.

· Never fill the Large Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White beyond capacity, such that the lid cannot close. First, this will hamper its effectiveness in preventing fires, because the contents of the trash will be exposed. Secondly, it increases the risk of creatures knocking down the material as they search for something to snack on, spreading the litter around your establishment and further increasing the risk of a fire. 

· Use a bin bag with the Large Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White. Lining it will help reduce your workload, since the interior walls won’t be dirtied. Avoiding gunk sticking to the walls of the bin also prevents odours from forming. In fact, the bag itself helps with odour-control.

· Place the Large Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White strategically in an easily accessible location. The flammable material sign should be visible, to alert people of the kind of content that should be tossed into the bin.

· Avoid placing the Large Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White in direct sunlight. The last thing you want is extra heat on the contents of the trash. 

· Clean out the Large Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White regularly. Most people prefer doing it on the garbage collection days. Simply rinsing it out and allowing it to dry will go a long way in enhancing its life.

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