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Using a harsh chemical on a soft leather surface is never a great idea. This is the reason why Prochem has created one of the most amazing leather cleaner available in UK and Ireland. Prochem Leather Cleaner is a high efficient leather cleaner and degreaser. Its low PH will assure full removal of all types of dirt, body fats & organic stains without damaging the leather. Finish the leather with Prochem Conditioner.

-very efficient and fast acting leather cleaner

-suitable to use on all types of leather

-highly recommended for the car valet industry

-available in 1 L spray bottles

-suitable for domestic & commercial cleaning

Prochem Leather Cleaner - Where to use

Prochem Leather Cleaner is a pretty safe product. This product can be used on natural or polished leather. Suitable for heavy duty cleaning or daily maintenance. Pre-spray for few minutes and allow a bit of time to work. Suitable for cleaning leather sofas, car seats, chairs, shoes, clothes, etc. It will deep clean the leather and prepare the surface for polishing with a conditioner.

Prochem Leather Cleaner - How to use

For heavy duty cleaning jobs you will have to pre-spray. For daily cleaning and maintenance just spray and wipe. Use a towel cloth or some more scrubby microfiber cloth. Deep clean the whole areas by applying the same pressure. If the results are not the best after the first clean, repeat the operation. After the leather is nice and dry, apply the conditioner.

Do not overuse the spray. If the leather is scratched or damaged in any way, the cleaner will not repair it. The cleaner was designed to remove dirt only and to prepare the leather surface for polishing. Applying a conditioner over a dirty surface will only make the dirt more visible.

Prochem Leather Cleaner


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