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Light Walnut Wood Stain

-a light walnut wood stain from Tover

-easy to apply and very quick to dry

-safe to use on most wood surfaces

-to be applied with a cloth or a buffer

-to be sealed with a two pack lacquer

-it will enrich white wood floorboards

-suitable for commercial & domestic

-to be applied over unsealed wood only

-it will cover between 20-30 sq M per L

-sold in 1L tin ready for use, no dilution

Light Walnut Wood Stain - Why stain the wood

Some types of wood floors and wood furniture are manufactured from very white or bright woods. If you want to change  the design of the room, very white may not work well with the new look you have in mind. You can easily change the colour of your wooden floors to a more suitable colour. Light walnut wood stain is one of the most popular wood stains from Tover. It darkens up the wood without creating very dull or dark finishes. Light Walnut Wood Stain works very well on pine floors.

Light Walnut Wood Stain - Where to use

Tover Light Walnut Wood Stain was designed for internal use but it can also be used for staining garden furniture if it gets sealed with an exterior varnish/lacquer. When used inside it can be used for staining sculptures, worktops, wood floors, chairs, furniture, woodwork, frames, doors, etc. In most cases 1 coat will do the job but in some cases 2 coats can be applied to achieve a richer colour. The wood stain will not react with UV light and it is compatible with most solvent based lacquers or two pack water based floor finishes. 

Light Walnut Wood Stain - How to use

First of all you need to make sure that the surface that you plan to stain is clean, dry and sealant free. If there is a sealant on the surface, you will need to sand it up with fine sandpaper until the wood has no more sealer on it. Then you can start the process of applying the wood stain.

  1. Shake the tin well before use to even up the colour

  2. Put on a pair of latex, rubber or nitrile gloves

  3. Take a cloth and soak it in stain (avoid drips on the floor)

  4. Start applying the stain around the edges and all hard to reach areas

  5. Apply the stain evenly going along the fibre of the wood, put pressure on the cloth

  6. You can use a cloth for small areas or a buffer & a pad for larger floors

  7. If some areas look darker than others, rub the cloth a few more times to remove excess stain

  8. Wait 3-5 hours for the stain to dry and then seal it (the wood stain is only a colour

Job done. You can use a matt, semi gloss or a glossy floor finish. It is a personal preference. 

Light Walnut Wood Stain - Coverage

The manufacturers recommend 20 sq meters per 1L but the final coverage area will vary from job to job. Fine sanded hardwood floors are likely to absorb less while porous soft wood surfaces are likely to absorb more wood stain. Always prepare more than you need just in case. If you plan to stain 30 sq meters of floor, order 2 tins x 1L just to have enough. Whatever is left you can use in the future to repair damage on the floor.

Tover Light Walnut Wood Stain


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