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Mahogany Wood Stain


-professional quality wood stain from Tover

-suitable for staining all type of wood surfaces

-it requires about 6 hours to dry after application

-huge coverage area and very easy to apply

-one of the most cost effective wood stains 


Mahogany Wood Stain - professional quality for less!


Mahogany is adored for its dark and rich colours. The high levels of natural oil are a welcome bonus. Mahogany wood surfaces- from floors and decks to cabinets and doors- require little maintenance. They are naturally beautiful, but that doesn't mean they match the other colours and tones of your residential or commercial premises. Getting the right wood stain ensures that you maintain their elegance and enhance their life. You also get to pick your desired colour, and apply a coat that blends with the surrounding. That's where the Mahogany Wood Stain comes in.


It works on all kinds of mahogany- whether it’s South America's Cambara Mahogany of the Indonesia's Meranti mahogany. It enables you to match any piece of unfinished furniture, doors, floors, or other kinds of woodwork, to the existing décor of a room. You can also use it on the wood fascia of your car’s dashboard. The Mahogany wood stain enables you to accent the texture of the wood surface. You can use it to impart a definite colour to the wood, or lightly tint the surface and allow the natural colour to show through. It's not just about enhancing the aesthetic appeal. The Mahogany Wood Stain also has functional benefits, like protecting the wood from rot, by keeping out pests like termites, and preventing growth of mould and mildew.


What Is The Mahogany Wood Stain?

It’s a formulation specially designed to change the colour and highlight the grain pattern of Mahogany wood surfaces. It comes with a blend of dyes and pigments to enhance the appearance of the surface and bring out the beauty you desire. The Mahogany Wood Stain works across the scope- from patios, chairs, tables, frames and flooring all the way to fences, kitchen cabinets and countertops. Its thicker consistency allows you to apply it on vertical surfaces like doors and panels without it immediately running. This enables you to apply an even Mahogany Wood Stain coat.


How To Apply The Mahogany Wood Stain

Dress in the appropriate attire. Most homeowners prefer working in old clothes. Remember that anything that permanently stains wood can also stain your clothes. It's also advised that you wear rubber gloves. After you're ready, follow these steps:


1. Start by preparing the surface. Ensure that the wood surfaces is thoroughly clean and dry before applying the wood stain. Wood that is dry naturally has the ability to absorb more wood stain than one which has higher percentages of moisture.


In addition, sand the wood slightly using 150, 180 or 220 grit sand paper. Finished surfaces will need to be stripped. Note that the Mahogany Wood Stain requires open pores so that it can be adequately absorbed into the wood. When you apply it over a finished surface like a polished kitchen cabinet, it won't change the colour of the wood- you'll simply be wiping off the stain that you apply. When sanding, work in the direction of the grain to prevent unsightly scratches from forming. 


2. Apply the Mahogany Wood Stain. You can use a cloth, bristle brush or foam brush. Mahogany has large open pores, so you can apply a liberal amount of stain. You can add some pressure to work the stain into the pores.


3. Leave the stain on the wood surface for some time before wiping off the unabsorbed liquid. Here you'll be needed to be observant, and note the colour level you want. The longer you leave the stain on, the richer and deeper the colour will be. Note that you don't want it to dry- just observe for consistent colour. Time various samples. For instance, you can observe the colour that's left behind after one minute compared to that left on after 3 or 5 minutes.


4. Remove the unabsorbed wood stain using a cloth, and work only in the direction of the grain. This will prevent you from leaving swirl marks.


5. Allow it to dry. Wait for at least 6 hours before allowing light foot traffic, and 24 hours for heavy traffic. 


You can mix different wood stains in order to achieve a custom colour. However, ensure that you only mix the Mahogany Wood Stain with other Tover products. An additional rule of the thumb is: never mix oil-base stains with water based stains. Measure your ingredients precisely using tools like plastic measuring cups. Remember to jot down the exact formula you'll have used so that you can duplicate it the next time you want to stain the surface, or if your friend comes over and asks what you did. You should also take note of the lighting conditions that you are working in. This mainly applies when you're shifting furniture to stain it elsewhere. Natural sunlight, fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs all have different colour tones. It's best to apply the Mahogany wood stain under the same lighting conditions of the room where the piece will be. 


Mahogany Wood Stain DOs And DON'Ts


· DO test out the stain on an inconspicuous spot. Wood, just like any other product of nature, varies from tree to tree- even for the same Mahogany species. Doing a test spot will ensure that the blend of the stain colour, and the natural colour of the wood, produces the result you desire.


· DON'T leave unabsorbed stain to dry on the wood. There's a common misconception that leaving it to dry on the surface will get you a deeper sheen. The Mahogany Wood Stain is designed to dry in the wood, not on it. Wipe off the excess.


· DO apply a second coat of the Mahogany Wood Stain if you desire a darker colour. However, always ensure you allow enough dry time for the first coat- at least 3 hours.


· DON'T leave out the hinges of the wood piece you're staining. You can use the Mahogany Wood Stain to change the colour of such metal hardware for it to blend with the rest of the wood.


· DO stir the wood stain container thoroughly. This will ensure that the colour pigments are well distributed.


· DON'T allow foot traffic on the floor before it dries. People walking all over the damp surface will damage the coat and affect the results.


· DO apply a finish to enhance the protection of the wood. You can use your preferred top coat such as varnish, shellac, lacquer or even polyurethane. It will also enhance the final results.


· DON'T apply a wood finish like polish before the Mahogany Wood Stain has dried completely. The solvents in the finishing products tend to activate the stain if its damp, which will make your brush, cloth or applicator pad pull the stain off the wood. Allow at least 24 hours for the stain to completely dry before applying the finish.


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