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Diafil Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads 42 cm|17 Inch

Diafil Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads | 42 Cm / 17”Professional diamond grinding, polishing & maintenance padsSuitable for grinding & polishing concrete, terrazzo and marbleOutstanding durabil..

Diafil American Diam 100 MM Velcro

iafil American Diam 100 MM | VelcroPremium quality 100 MM diamond floor pads with velcro backCompatible with all low speed floor buffers fitted with a pad holderThe pads are available in 30, 60, 120, ..

Diafil Pointflex 100 MM Worktop Polishing Diamond Pads | Velcro

Diafil Pointflex 100 MM Worktop Diamond Polishing PadsTop quality diamond grinding, restoring & polishing pads from DiafilHighly recommended for polishing worktops, vertical surfaces, stairsAvaila..

Diafil Scrubbing Diamond Pads | Velcro Backed

Diafil Scrubbing Diamond Pads / Velcro SystemHeavy duty professional diamond floor pads from DiafilSuitable for heavy duty scratch removal and scrubbingCan be used on marble, terrazzo, travertine &..

Faber A1 Grey - White Marble Polishing Powder 5 Kg

Faber A1 Marble Polishing PowderHigh performing polishing powder suitable for polishing white marbleTo be applied with a low speed floor buffer and a standard white padPerfectly polishes light coloure..

Faber Cristalfab White Pad 5L

Faber Cristalfab White Pad 5L-easy to use professional crystallisation liquid from Faber-to be applied with a white pad until the surface absorbs it-apply the product with a clean white floor pad on a..

Faber DECERA/P Alkaline Wax Stripper & Floor Cleaner

Faber DECERA/P Alkaline Wax Stripper & Floor CleanerHeavy duty alkaline floor cleaner suitable for outdoor and indoor useSuitable for removing deep impregnated dirt, stainings, oils, greaseCompati..

Faber Ecoseal Marble - 100% Eco Stainproof For Polished Marble

Faber Ecoseal Marble l Marble Stain Proof And ImpregnatorHigh quality marble sealer and impregnator made from plant extractsSuitable for sealing all types of marble floors, marble walls, worktops, sta..

Faber GL 80 Epoxy (A+B) Marble Crack Filler

Faber GL 80 Epoxy (A+B) Marble Crack FillerEpoxy based small and medium crack filler compatible with a wide range of stonesThe product is sold with a special hardener that helps speed up the drying pr..

Faber K 400 New | Granite Polishing Cream

Faber K400 Granite Polishing CreamPremium quality marble granite polishing and granite restoration cream from FaberThe product was designed to maintain & restore natural siliceous stones and grani..

Faber K 500 | Maintenance Polishing Cream For Porcelain & Quartz

Faber K500 | Polishing Cream For Engineered StoneWater based floor polishing cream for all kinds of artificial stone floorsSuitable for commercial and residential floor polishing & maintaining job..

Faber K100 Marble Polishing Cream 5 Kg

Faber K100 Marble Polishing CreamWater based marble polishing cream and gloss restoring cream from FaberSuitable for repairing dull patches and repolishing marble and ceramic floorsCompatible with mos..

Faber No Rug 1L - Powerful Rust Stain Remover

Faber No Rug / Rust Stain RemoverWater based formula specially formulated to remove new and old rust stainsSafe to use on most natural stone surfaces, granite, quartz & acid safe materialsFaber No..

Faber Scratch Off Kit

Faber Scratch Off KitProfessional restoration kit compatible with all polished porcelain & ceramic tilesThe kit contains everything needed to safely remove all types of deep scratchesIt can be use..

Faber Wax Remover 1L

Faber Wax RemoverAlkaline based wax remover suitable for removing thick layers of wax & sealantsAlso an amazing stain remover, grout cleaner and powerful floor degreaser / oil removerIt can be use..
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