Faber Cottosolv Concentrated Alkaline Natural Stone Cleaner

Faber Cottosolv Concentrated Alkaline Natural Stone Cleaner

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Product Description

Faber Cottosolv Concentrated Alkaline Natural Stone Cleaner

-heavy duty alkaline cleaner suitable for internal & external use

-it will remove with easy mould, alagae, fungi, grout dirt, grease

-it will evaporate dark marks and oxidation from natural stone floors

-highly concentrated detergent - dilution required before use

-improves further resistance to traffic and facilitate easy maintenance

-a proper heavy duty natural stone cleaner and general maintainer

Faber CottoSolv

When the treatments of your natural stone surfaces become dull and worn out, you don’t have to haul out the entire installation and start from scratch. For the case of waxed floor, worktops and other surfaces, you simply need to remove the wax, get the surface to its original state, and reapply a new treatment. Trying to scrape off the wax by hand with tools like straight edge razors is a pain. Sure some will peel up if you apply pressure, but you will end up spending days on just a single room. That's where wax strippers come in. However, not every product is suitable. With natural stone, using the wrong agents will etch and damage it, and you'll need to have the surface redone with a diamond polisher or similar equipment. Your goal is to remove the old wax without affecting the underlying structure. For this, turn to the Faber CottoSolv.

Benefits Of The Faber CottoSolv

  1. Superior wax stripper

This formulation has been developed to strip wax, polymers, resins plus other previously applied treatments on surfaces. It works on both natural and synthetic polymers, enabling you to give your surfaces a fresh start, restoring them to their original appearance. It doesn't stop there. The Faber CottoSolv will get rid of the dark oxidation marks that are on the surface, and also issues like efflorescence which are common on absorbent materials like terracotta. This prepares the surface for the new treatments that are to follow.

  1. Deep cleaning surfaces

Since the Faber CottoSolv is highly effective in dissolving organic substances, it comes in quite handy when you’re dealing with stubborn grime, including the greasy and oily stains. Those layers of dirt that have stuck onto the surface and refused to come off with conventional methods will be easily dissolved by the tough action of this formulation. From highly trafficked areas, cases of algae and mould growths, to the frustrating suction cup marks that are usually left behind on ceramic surfaces during the industrial process- the Faber CottoSolv will give the area a thorough clean. It does with without altering the surface structure or appearance.

  1. Versatile formulation

The alkaline-based Faber CottoSolv can be used on different materials such as marble, plus the marble-resin, marble-cement, and marble-quartz agglomerates, travertine, slate, cotto, quartzite, sandstone, basaltina - lava stone, terracotta, molten basalt, craquelé and glazed ceramics, clinker and granite, to natural, lapped, textured and polished porcelain stoneware, limestone, cementine, tuff, reconstituted (eco) stone, porphyry, and concrete. When using equipment like single disc machines, the pads attached will depend on the material being worked on. White pads go with the delicate, polished surfaces, such as marble, glazed ceramics and limestone. Green and light blue pads are ideal for the rougher ones like terracotta, coot and concrete. Green discs are typically used when stripping wax.

  1. Multipurpose

The Faber CottoSolv has different applications. For starters, you can use it for routine cleaning when degreasing surfaces, and also for the frustrating times when you're dealing with particularly stubborn grime and you want a product that packs a punch. For the first case, dilute it to 10%, and for the situations where you want stronger degreasing action, diluting the Faber CottoSolv to 20% will suffice. Proceed to apply the prepared solution onto the surface, using equipment like brushes or single disc machines. Thereafter, give it 10 to 15 minutes to dissolve the grime, a process that you can further enhance by passing the machine or brush over the treated area at regular time intervals. When degreasing the highly absorbent surfaces, you may need to apply more solution onto the area occasionally, in order to make up for that which gets absorbed into the material. Keeping the surface covered with a fine layer of the Faber CottoSolv solution all through the treatment is vital. After this period, pour more water onto the surface, and mix it with the contents that are already on it, then extract them with a liquid vacuum cleaner. Cloths and absorbent paper towels can work too in case you’re working on small sections. Follow this with a thorough rinsing, and after which the surface will be ready to use.

The Faber CottoSolv is also used for the double wax stripping process, together with Dec 21, from the same brand. After vacuuming or sweeping away the dust and debris from the floor, start by applying the Dec 21, undiluted, onto the surface. It should cover the entire area evenly. Let it dwell for 10 to 15 minutes as it chemically attacks the wax. The efficiency of this can also be enhanced with mechanical action, by passing over the area with the single disc machine or brush. Add the Faber CottoSolv onto the material. Use it undiluted for the highly absorbent materials like cotto or concrete, and for the non-absorbent ceramics and porcelain stoneware you can dilute it to 50%. Distribute it uniformly on the surface, and also allow an additional 10-15 minutes dwell time. Add more water to the surface to mix with the residue, and remove it all with a liquid vacuum cleaner. Rinse the area, and allow it to dry.

Remember to sweep or vacuum off the dust and loose debris from the surface before proceeding to apply the wax remover on it. It's also recommended that you treat small areas at a time, in order to make the process more efficient. Specifically, when dealing with highly absorbent surfaces- the likes of cotto and terracotta, work in areas of 4 - 5m2 at a time. This is to prevent the Faber CottoSolv from completely penetrating the surface, which would defeat its purpose. For the ceramic tiles and other low absorption surfaces, you can work on larger sections.  

  1. Cost-effective

With the Faber CottoSolv, you get to derive optimal value for your purchase. It comes in affordable packaging, and you can opt for the 1L bottle, with each box having 12 bottles, the 5L cans, where a box contains 4 cans, or go for the larger 10L cans that come individually. That way you get to go with the option that addresses your particular building's maintenance needs. Each litre of product can be used on 10 - 15m2 of surface. The flexibility of the formulation- where you can employ it in wax stripping or deep cleaning, extends the scope of application, further enabling you to reduce the amount of resources required.

Faber CottoSolv

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