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Faber Cristalfab 1L

-professional low acidity, ready to use crystallizer liquid for marble & limestone

-it achieves a perfect gloss without the use of diamond pads or polishing tools

-easy to use, highly durable, suitable to use on white and coloured natural stones

-the best way of maintaining and enhancing the gloss of marble & limestone floors

-the product can be used for maintaining internal and external natural stone floors

-it will cover around 30 sq meter per L but it can vary from surface to surface

-to be applied with a white floor pad and a low speed floor buffer (max 200 RPM)

Faber CristalFab Review

Natural stone, especially marble and limestone, has been used for centuries. From the luxurious tone that marble sets in the interior space, to the earthy feel that comes with lime-based installations, the durability of the structure that enables them to last for long, the versatility which allows them to be installed on floors, countertops, walls, and even outdoor use- they are still a core part of modern architecture. Their timeless appeal, where they remain trendy through the seasons, means that they will remain popular for the coming future too. One of their main attributes that makes them highly sought after is that shiny surface. The smoother the polish, the more reflective the surface becomes. However, as a result of everyday wear, where dirt and grit are grinded against the material, all through to those cases of intensive cleaning, where tough scrubbing action is used in a bid to remove the stubborn grime- the surface ends up becoming rough. Scratches too may form. When this occurs, the light hitting the surface bounces off in different directions, making it appear dull. What's next? Certainly, you don’t want to watch your decor get ruined by the deteriorating surface. Don’t fret- this can be quickly reversed by simply polishing the surface, to breathe new life into your installation. That's where products like the Faber CristalFab come in.

This approach makes use of crystallization. It focuses on the chemical composition of the stone- that cement matrix holding the crystals together. Heat action from the abrasion that occurs when the steel wool pad on the weighted floor machine being used is passed over the surface, plus the formulation of the liquid used, causes a reaction to occur, resulting in a new compound on the surface being treated, that is glossier, harder and more stain resistant. This is bonded to the underlying natural stone, and is a method popularly adopted for calcium-based installations like marble and limestone. The quality of the product you use factors in. You want one that will effectively deliver on its mandate, and Faber has got you covered with the CristalFab. The brand itself has a wide range of products under its portfolio, ranging from formulations that provide protection from rising damp, stain-proofing agents, cleaners for daily cleaning and those that are brought out when you’re dealing with stubborn grime and greasy residue, stain removers that get rid of water-based stains like wine, soft drinks and tea, plus those targeting oil-based spots whether they are from cooking oil or bituminous residue. With decades of experience and an international market relying on their products, you can have the peace of mind that you will be getting a quality crystallizing agent when you turn to the Faber CristalFab.

Benefits Of The Faber CristalFab

  1. Deep shine

The Faber CristalFab is a liquid that is formulated to restore the shine to surfaces that have lost their charm. You get to bring back the glossy finish to worn out surfaces, and a deep shine that enhances the ambience of the premises. It achieves this without the annoying orange peel effect, or creating a slippery surface. The application itself is a breeze. You can use it for the original polishing for newly installed surfaces, or use it for the routine maintenance to revitalise the dull sections.

  1. A finish that lasts for longer

You won’t have to worry about yellowing when working with the Faber CristalFab. What's more, it actually enhances the ability of the surface to resist scratches, which cuts down on the number of times that the maintenance will be needed. In addition, incorporating it into the maintenance program for the surfaces wards of deep damage, increasing the intervals between consecutive renovation sessions of mechanical polishing.

  1. Safe for marble and lime-based installations

The low acidity Faber CristalFab can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, on marble and its agglomerates such as marble-resin and marble cement. You can also use it on limestone and travertine surfaces without worrying about the structural integrity of the material being put at risk.

  1. Quick application

This crystallizing liquid saves the amount of time and energy you spend on the process. The Faber CristalFab comes ready to use, and you can use the spray-buffing technique. Simply transfer some of the product onto a spray bottle, squirt small amounts on the surface, and then proceed to polish. Here, you can use tools like manual rotary brushes, or a single disc machine that has been rated at 1.5HP and above. Fix a steel wool crystallization pad onto the single disc machine. To make the task more manageable, it’s recommended that you divide the area you intend to treat into 1m2 sections. Around 3 sprays of the product will be enough per section. With regards to how much product is utilised, this depends on the intended purpose. If you’re using the Faber CristalFab for polishing, then each litre of the product will cover 40 – 50m2 of surface. In case you're using it for routine maintenance to keep that shine, then 1L will cover 50 - 100m2. Focus on a section at a time, polishing it until the product dries. Once the whole area has been worked on, then you can vacuum away the steel wool residue. A dry cloth or mop can also be used. After this, the surface will be ready to use.

There are a few issues to note. Firstly, the Faber CristalFab should not be used on dirt, wet, or overly heated surfaces. Ensure that the dirt that is on the area is first cleaned off, and that it has been allowed to dry. You can even use drying equipment, if need be. Optimal surface temperate is in the range of 5 to 40°C. In addition, should you be uncertain of the product's compatibility with your particular installation, it’s always advised that you carry out a small test on an unexposed region.

  1. Easy on your budget

In this economy, you don’t want your building’s maintenance costs spiralling out of control. You should be able to effectively protect your installations, and have them looking elegant, without depleting your finances. Towards this end, the Faber CristalFab has been affordably priced, and also comes in different packages- 1L bottle and 5L cans, enabling you to select the option that will meet your particular needs. The increased surface protection and wear resistance that results from the crystallization process on the installation further lowers the costs that would have been incurred in making repairs and replacements.

Faber CristalFab

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