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Faber Neugel Marble Cleaner & Maintainer

Faber Neugel Marble Cleaner & Maintainer

  • Highly concentrated PH neutral stone cleaner & maintainer

  • Safe to use on all types of polished and unpolished marble

  • Extremely efficient on dirt but gentle on the stone surface

  • Faber Neugel requires a dilution of 1 to 100 in warm water

  • It will not remove sealers and it will not leave any residue

  • Manufactured from natural ingredients and floor enhancers

  • It contains a pleasant perfume that will last for long periods

  • Safe to use on marble, terracotta, terrazzo, limestone, etc

Faber Neugel - Where to use

Highly polished floors or natural stone floors are designed to look natural and to last very long periods of time. Harsh chemicals can leave surface residue and can kill the sheen. Faber Neugel 1L  was designed to deep clean, maintain and protect all types of “fancy” natural stone floors, polished or unpolished. The product will break dirt instantly and it will enhance the existing finish. Faber Neugel 1L is manufactured from a blend of natural ingredients that will increase the protection of your floors if the surface is maintained with the product. It contains a pleasant perfume that will refresh the whole area. Faber Neugel is PH neutral.

Faber Neugel  - How to use it

The product is highly concentrated and it requires dilution before use. The recommended dilution ratio is 1 to 100 but you can increase or decrease the dilution, according to the type of cleaning project. In a bucket of 10L of warm water, add 1 cap of Faber Neugel . Mix well the dilution then wash the floor with it. You can use a cotton mop or a flat mopping system. It can be used with great results on travertine, marble, terracotta, limestone, ceramic tiles, terrazzo, granite, cotto, etc. You need to use it to fully appreciate it.

If you have natural stone floors, you need to maintain it and clean it with proper products. Cheap universal cleaning products will burn the surface of your floor and will dullen the finish. Order Faber Neugel 1L  right now and be ready to be amazed with the results.

Faber Neugel

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