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Faber No Rug / Rust Stain Remover

  • Water based formula specially formulated to remove new and old rust stains

  • Safe to use on most natural stone surfaces, granite, quartz & acid safe materials

  • Faber No Rug is also highly efficient on saline efflorescence and most dark stains

  • This product can penetrate very deep and can remove stains from polished floors

  • The product has to be applied over rust stain and it will extract it in a matter of hours

  • Faber No Rug is easy to apply and it will not negatively affect any natural stone floor

  • Suitable for commercial and domestic use, non toxic, well priced, amazing results

Faber No Rug - Where to use

Removing old or new rust stains from polished or unpolished natural stone surfaces is not easy. The rust penetrates very deep and there was little you could have done until Faber No Rug came to the market. This outstanding product can extract rust stains from the deepest parts of any natural stone floor, polished or unpolished. It also provides top of the range results on granite, quartz stone and other acid resistant materials. It can be used to remove rust stains and other types of dark marks from floors, walls, statues, etc. 

Faber No Rug - How to use

Clean the area thoroughly to remove greases, oils and other impurities. Apply the product all over the stain and allow it to work for a few hours. Do not add any extra cleaning products and do not scrub. A chemical reaction will take place and in the process, the rust from your surface will be extracted. Some very deeply impregnated rust stains might require a few treatments before the stain will be removed in full.

Faber No Rug is a god send for people who have stained expensive marble floors. A contractor can charge you a lot of money and the results cannot be guaranteed. But now, you can remove the stain yourself. This easy to use rust stain extractor will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Faber No Rug

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