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Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream 5L

-highly efficient & easy to use porcelain polishing cream

-to be applied with a low speed floor buffer & a white pad

-while buffing it, it will change in a white powder composition

-high speed buffing with a white or 3000 grit diamond pad

-it will remove tiny scratches and dull patches on porcelain

-please use gloves and dust mask while polishing the floor

-suitable for commercial and domestic porcelain polishing

Trouble With Defects? Get Rid Of Them With The Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream

Porcelain flooring offers you high levels of durability, plus an elegant appeal. They are basically made by pressing clay that's fired to high temperatures.  The high percentage of feldspar crystals, which melt during the baking in the industrial kiln during the manufacturing process, give the tiles that shiny appearance, appealing to home and business owners alike. Its structure gives it enhanced strength, making it well suited to high traffic areas. It’s also very dense, and comes with high levels of water resistance. You also won’t have to worry about issues like discolouration if the floor is properly maintained. Add to this the wide range of styles and options available, allowing you to set up the decor that matches your particular needs. Moreover, the porcelain flooring is actually fireproof for most of the normal conditions. To keep enjoying these attributes throughout the life of your installation, regular care is needed. This includes the routine cleaning, and dealing with any scratches and the general wear that occurs. For the latter, products like the Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream have been developed, allowing you to ensure that your installation maintains its allure.

Restoring the Glamour To Your Installation

Getting that polished or glazed look on your porcelain floor was not an easy task. You don’t want to lose it simply because of the routine wear that is caused as a result of day-to-day life. While the wearing down cannot be avoided, it is not a permanent fate for your installation. Those slight scratches that form, the non-uniformity that results, and even that cloudy effect which takes away the appeal of the installation- they can all be resolved with the Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream. From cases where there is dullness, those mild abrasions to issues of general wear, the formulation of the Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream, with its ultrafine and micro-abrasive elements, enables you to bring back the glamour to your installation. It does without altering the original appearance of the porcelain tiles and other glazed surfaces being worked on.

The water-based Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream is a versatile product, and can be used on both indoor and outdoor installations. It is applicable across the scope of porcelain tiles, be they full-body polished or glazed- Lappato. You can also use this product on other glazed surfaces, just remember to carry out a spot test to confirm the compatibility. Costs also factor in. After all, you want to be able to keep the surfaces in your establishment in their optimal state, without the expenses running amok. The pocket-friendly pricing of the Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream enables you to get the quality results you desire, without over-extending your budget.

A brand with a proven track record

Faber was established in 1986, in Fabriano, Italy. Through the decades, the company has made a name for itself in surface care and treatment, from natural stone like granite and marble, to the manmade materials like ceramics. They have a wide range of products under their portfolio, ranging from stone sealers and impregnators, stain removers and high-efficacy cleaning agents for walls, stairways and corridors, kitchen and bathroom tops, to work tables, and living room floors, finishing products that come in to accentuate the beauty of the surfaces being attended to, mastics and epoxy resins that repair damaged installations, to polishing compounds and abrasives that come in to maintain the shine level of the surface. The products are relied on by tilers, professional cleaning companies, to DIY enthusiasts, in Europe all through to Asia and the Middle East. This wide reach is attributed to the trust that consumers have in the products, and the Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream maintains the tempo.

Fast and easy floor care

The Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream has been formulated to reduce the amount of time and energy spent rejuvenating the floors. One simply pours the cream onto the target area, mixes it with an equal amount of water, and then proceeds to polish with a single disc machine or tools like manual rotary brushes. If you notice the cream drying up as you polish, add some more water, that way a creamy consistency will be maintained throughout. Continue making passes with the single disc machine until you obtain the final outcome that you desire. Usually, this will be achieved within the first 15 to 25 passes. The exact number will depend on the type of surface that you're working on. You can assess your progress by removing a bit of the cream from a small section of the surface- such as with a mop, and observing the finish that has been set. After you’re done polishing the floor, vacuum it to remove the residue, then give it a thorough rinse. Once it dries from this, you can allow foot traffic back onto the area.

Note that the surface being treated should not be overheated. Its temperature should range between 5-40°C. For the ratios to use when mixing the product on the floor, 1 spoon of water is used for each spoon Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream. While on this, it is recommended that you work in small sections of surface at a time. For instance, you can break down the floor into 2m² areas. For each of these sections, use 2/3 spoons of the product. In addition, when polishing, the single disc machine should be set to operate at 150rpm - 200rpm.

DOs And DON'Ts Of The Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream

  • DO shake the bottle well before use.

  • DO cover adjacent areas that are not to be worked on, to protect them during the course of the treatment.

  • DO clean the surface being applied the Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream. This should be thorough, getting rid of any gunk that could get in the way of the treatment. Products recommended for this include Deterfug or Faber 30, both from the same brand.

  • DON'T apply the cream onto a wet surface. After initially cleaning it, let it dry before proceeding with the application.

  • DON'T let the cream dry as you polish the surface. The creamy consistency can be easily maintained by topping up with some water.

Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream

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