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Faber Safe Marble 5L - Anti Slip Trearment For Polished Marble

  • Brand: Faber
  • Product Code: 020700020
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-top quality anti slip treatment for polished marble floor

-it will increase the grip on the floor without affecting the finish

-it will cover around 30 square meters of floor per litre

-suitable for domestic floors & high traffic commercial floors

-recommended for marble, travertine, lime stone surfaces

-it will create micro erosions that are invisible to the naked eye

-also leaves the treated surface with great water repellent properties

Faber Safe Marble 

Slip and fall accidents can get nasty. While one can simply end up sprawled out on the floor in a mildly embarrassing situation, others may not be that lucky. There is a high risk of injury, especially when it comes to the angle of the fall. The fall can result in anything from a sprain or fractured to cases like concussions when the accident leads to the head hitting the ground. Since the first instinct when falling is to stretch the arms and reduce the impact, injuries on the hands- including the wrists and elbows are amongst the most common. Lower leg fractures because of the bone getting twisted, bend, struck directly, or when used to break the fall, can cause a disruption in the victim’s ability to walk or stand. With broken bones, the pain itself is intense. Then there is the issue of the recovery time required, and the emotional trauma if there will be surgeries to be done- as is the case with severe breaks.  Traumatic brain injuries can result, where the consequences may last a lifetime. Preventing the accidents is key, especially when dealing with natural stone floors, which often get slippery. That’s a task for the Faber Safe Marble.

Benefits Of Faber Safe Marble

  1. Enhanced grip

This is the main purpose of the Faber Safe Marble, and it performs superbly. This water-based treatment enhances the non-slip attributes of the floor. It achieves this by chemically acting on the surface, and does not create a film. The micro erosions that are formed, while not being visible to the naked eye, are what results in the increased surface grip, which reduces slipping even in the wet conditions, whether one is barefoot or has footwear on. Maintaining the breathability of the product is important, otherwise there will be a lime- and salt-buildup within the stone which would result in deterioration and eventual damage to the structure. With the Faber Safe Marble, you won’t have to worry about this. It also doesn’t scratch the surface, or form nasty odours.  

  1. Versatile formulation

Despite the name, the product is not just limited to marble surfaces. It can be used on limestone and other lime-based installations, travertine, plus marble-resin and marble-cement agglomerates. It has been specially developed for these surfaces which are known to be difficult to treat. The Faber Safe Marble is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. and gets the task done without altering the colour of the floor that has been treated. What's more, the treatment comes with water-repellent properties, boosting the run-off of water from the surface, thus protecting the floor and those walking on it. 

  1. Quick application

Working with the Faber Safe Marble enables you to enhance the non-slip properties of the surface without undue strain on your part. The application process is a breeze, and can be done with equipment like a roller, brush, or lambswool applicator. Simply spread an abundant coat of the product onto the surface, give it the required contact time, and then remove the residue with a wet vacuum cleaner. Follow this with a rinsing, allow the surface to dry, and voila! You can resume using the floor. It’s recommended that you carry out the application on the cooler hours of the day.  The floor should also not be exposed to direct sunlight during the application as well. 

"What contact time will be suitable for your floor?" you ask. Differences in composition, surface hardness and the resistance of the natural stone floor installations mean that the timings will vary from one establishment to the next. As such, a preliminary test is advised, which can be done on an inconspicuous spot on the floor. Here, the goal will be to assess how long it takes for you to get the required non-slip standards, without the original appearance of the surface being changed. When carrying out the test, assess how it performs in wet floor conditions. This can be simply done with the fingertips. Press down onto the surface and simulate a person walking, then compare the grip with the untreated section of the floor.

General time intervals include: 10 to 20 minutes for limestone, soft lime-based floors, and soft marble; plus 15 to 30 minutes for the hard and compact lime-based installations.  If 30 minutes elapse and you haven’t obtained the desired results, you can continue using 10-miminute intervals, assessing the state of the floor. The testing of the non-slip properties should be carried out after the area has been thoroughly rinsed with water. 

  1. Easy on your wallet

This formulation is available in different packages, from the 1L bottles, 5L cans to the larger 10L cans. Each has an affordable price, giving you savings right from the moment you make the purchase. Its wide coverage, where each litre of product gets to be used on 20/30 m2 of surface, goes to further give you more value out of every unit purchased. 

Get More Out Of The Faber Safe Marble With These Extra Tips

  • The floor being worked on should be clean. Any dirt present will prevent the product from coming into direct contact with the surface. In addition, wax and resin treatments that are on the floor should first be removed. 

  • Ensure that the surface being worked on is dry. 

  • During the waiting period (the contact time being allowed after the treatment), ensure that the surface remains evenly wet, covered by a layer of the Faber Safe Marble. Feel free to add more product if needed, redistributing it over the target sections. This is to prevent an uneven result. 

  • When vacuuming away the residue and rinsing using clean water, it’s important to ensure that the different areas have the same length of time in contact with the product. As such, the removal process should start at the point where the application had begun. In addition, removing the excess should take the same amount of time as had been taken during the application stage. That way, you get to ensure that the Faber Safe Marble has acted on the entire surface for the same length of time. 

  • Dividing up the floor space into smaller and more manageable sections will make the task easier, allowing you to maintain a uniform contact time throughout the process. 

Faber Safe Marble

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