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Faber Star Shine 5 KG

-high performance water based universal polishing cream

- great on porcelain, granite, quart & siliceous materials

-very natural finish, very durable and very easy to apply

-it will cover between 50 to 70 square meter per 5 kg tube

-it will achieve the same results as diamond polishing

-to be applied with a white floor bad & low speed buffer

Faber Star Shine 5Kg Review

Despite their elegant and luxurious look, natural stone surfaces are not invulnerable. With the everyday dirt and grime, the constant beating down they receive from foot traffic, etch marks and the routine scrubbing to get rid of grime and stains- that appeal gradually dulls, dragging down the rest of the ambience in the process. Over time, the elegant interior is replaced by a drabby décor, which is not what you had in mind when you spent all that time and money setting up the perfect natural stone installation in your establishment. No doubt you want a lasting charm. A sleek looking living room floor, countertops and backsplashes that accentuate the kitchen, all through to bathroom tiles where you can have relaxing showers in. Polishing is needed to maintain the shine of the surfaces. For this turn to the Star Shine 5Kg. It’s a popular product from Faber, the brand that’s globally renowned for providing top-of-the-range solutions with regards to surface care. Headquartered in Italy and having a market that spans across the different continents, with products used for the cleaning, surface protection and repair, honing and polishing systems, with Faber you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product each time.

Benefits Of The Faber Star Shine 5Kg

  1. Breathes new life into your surfaces

This water-based polish is designed to provide a deep and vitreous shine to the surface being treated. While it does not contain wax, it directly acts on the surface both chemically and mechanically, to achieve a higher level of shine than would have been witnessed by the conventional mechanical polishing methods. This additionally reduces the amount of time and effort spent on the operation as a whole, since you won’t need to rely on end-stage polishing grains as is the case with alternative methods. Whether you’re renovating a worn out surface, or buffing an already polished one- Faber Star Shine 5Kg is the product for you.

  1. Lustre that lasts

The treated surface gets to remain shiny for longer. This is because of the enhanced durability that comes with the formulation, enabling it to withstand the effects of heavy foot traffic. This has made it a popular option for commercial establishments and the modern day busy homes, where this attribute is needed. It also enhances the non-slip nature of the surface for the dry floor conditions. You also won’t have to worry about it changing the surface hardness of the underlying material.

  1. High performance across the board

This polishing cream can be used on different surfaces, ranging from quartz, granite, and siliceous materials, all through to porcelain stoneware. Whether it's indoors or outdoor surfaces, and even agglomerates like quartz-resin plus marble-resin, and all types of marble, including the green marble or onyx marble variations where polishing powders are not as effective, you will be able to give them a high quality shine. You can also employ the Faber Star Shine 5Kg for polishing slates, sandstone and filled basaltina stone surfaces. However, this is done after they have been treated using a polisher with ultra-fine grain that's above a 3000 rating. For such situations, prior treating with a water repellent formulation may also be required.

The Faber Star Shine 5Kg can also be used for buffing cement floors. This is typically after the surfaces have been taken through mechanical polishing, and been treated with a consolidated primer. When it comes to working on the darker surfaces, you can add black pigments into the Star Shine, in order to maintain an even depth, consistent with the black colouration of the surface.

  1. Makes subsequent cleaning operations easier

By sealing the pores of the surface being treated, the Faber Star Shine 5Kg keeps dirt from penetrating and building up in it, thus reducing your workload when it comes to the routine cleaning. Speaking of which, this can be carried out with complementary products from the same brand, such as Faber Neugel or Algafloor. To maintain that shine, turn to Faber 30, and for extra surface protection, you can use the Hidro150 or the Protex WB

  1. Quick application

With this product, you simply pour the cream onto the surface, and proceed to polish it with your manual rotary brush or single disc machine. In its container, it will be in a solid state, but shaking it will make it creamy. Don’t sweat this though- whether you apply it in a solid or creamy state, it won’t affect the result. With some equipment, like the single disc machines, you can use the Faber Star Shine 5Kg in its solid form, and let the rotary action revert it into the creamy state. 2-3 spoonfuls of the product will suffice for a surface of about 1 m2. Working in small sections will enable you to effectively polish and track the results. Don’t fret- issues like defects causes by overlapping when working on different sections at a time won’t occur here. How many applications should you make? This depends on the intended purpose. For instance, with maintenance polishing, 1-2 applications are enough. When buffing, you can take this up to 2-3. This also applies when you’re restoring particularly worn out sections of the floor. The surface will be ready to use after you’ve vacuumed off the residue.

There are a couple of issues you should note. For starters, the Faber Star Shine 5Kg should not be applied to soiled or wet surfaces. Ensure that the area has been thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry before proceeding to polish it. Secondly, the surface shouldn't be overly heated. Its temperature should range from 5 to 40°C. In case you’re not sure if the product is suitable for your particular installation, it’s recommended that you perform a spot test on a hidden area.

  1. Value for your money

Maintaining your surfaces with the Faber Star Shine 5Kg gives you optimal value for every purchase you make. First, restored beauty and enhanced protection of the surface keeps your floors, worktops and walls elegant for longer. The affordable price tag, plus the effective coverage where every kilogram of product gets to be used on 50-70 m2 of surface, further brings you more savings.

Faber Star Shine

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