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Faber Tile Powder - Restoration Powder For Ceramic Floors

Faber Tile Powder 5 Kg

  • Heavy duty tile restoration powder compatible with all artificial flat tiles

  • Suitable for restoring dull patches, small scratches & light imperfections

  • To be applied with a low speed floor buffer, a white floor pad and water

  • Buff the composition on wet for about 5 minutes until it becomes a cream

  • Remove all the waste, wash the floor & burnish the floor with a white pad

  • If the imperfection is still there, repeat the operation until the issue is sorted

  • The new Faber Tile Powder 5 Kg is suitable for commercial & residential use

  • It can be used on dark, white and gray artificial stone floors and concrete 

  • The surface can be sealed with any water based or solvent based sealer

  • 5 Kg of Faber Tile Powder 5 Kg can cover 50-100 sq meters of floor area

Faber Tile Powder 5 Kg  - Why use

Dull patches and small scratches can really affect the look of your floors. Replacing the floor every time it gets scratched is not really possible, so something has to be done about it. Use the new Faber Tile Powder 5 Kg to restore and repair tile floors and you will be amazed with the results. The tile will look scratch free and all dull and rough patches will be leveled up. A professional tile polishing powder from Faber.

Faber Tile Powder 5 Kg - Where to use

This innovative tile polishing powder can be used on pretty much all tiled surfaces. You can use it to restore and repair ceramic tiles, terrazzo tiles, some porcelain tiles, concrete tiles, etc. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This unique product will resolve issues on floor tiles that used to look hopeless. It is no wonder that the professional floor polishing & restoration industry can`t get enough of the new Faber Tile Powder 5 Kg. Highly recommended for restoring and polishing residential, commercial and industrial floors. The product has no odour, it is safe and easy to use and it does not require a lot of equipment to use it. Due to its high coverage area, the amazing Faber Tile Powder 5 Kg is highly cost effective.

Faber Tile Powder 5 Kg - How to use

Clean the floor well to make sure that all kinds of grease, impregnated dirt, food residue, etc. is fully removed and the stone is left spotless. Apply about 2 teaspoons of powder onto the floor, wet it well & start buffing the floor with a white floor pad until the composition changes from liquid to a thick cream. Extract the waste with a wet vac and wash the floor a number of times to remove all residue from the floor. When the floor is fully dry, buff it with a high speed floor buffer and a white pad. By now, all dull patches should be repaired and all the scratches should be filled. You can seal the floor with any solvent or water based floor sealer or impregnator that is compatible with that particular type of floor. The new Faber Tile Powder 5 Kg will help the user grind and sand up soft scratches on artificial stone floors. 

Tell your flooring contractor to have a look at the new Faber Tile Powder 5 Kg. Just because your floor is badly scratched and it looks all stained now, it does not mean that it has to stay like that. There is an innovative solution available for less than you think. If you require additional information or if you would like to find out more information about the new Faber Tile Powder 5 Kg, please email us or just give us a call.

Faber Tile Powder 5 Kg

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