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Faber PROTW LUX LO |High-Performance Natural Stones Stain Proof

Faber PROTW Lux / LOW

  • Low odour stain proof impregnator compatible with all natural stone floors

  • A high traffic formula that will provide years of protection on high traffic floors

  • To be applied on natural stone floors with high to medium absorption/porosity

  • A non glazing formula, very low odour, non yellowing and deep penetrating 

  • Safe to use in areas with little or no ventilation, it allows the stone to breath

  • The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it will not change the colour

  • This product is food certified so it is suitable to use on all types of worktops

  • 1 L will cover around 20 to 30 sq meters but it can vary from surface to surface

  • The new Faber PROTW Lux / LOW is very popular with professional contractors

  • It provides years of protection and it prevents the surface from staining/marking

Faber PROTW Lux / LOW - Why use

There are a number of solvent impregnators out there but very few compare with the new Faber PROTW Lux / LOW. Due to its low odour, this product can be used in confined spaces and areas with little ventilation. It does not change the look of the stone but it can make the colour of the stone more prominent. It has a high coverage area and it lasts for many years. The product is also suitable for outdoor use so there is no need to use a number of sealers to seal indoor and outdoor floors. One sealer for all your requirements.

Faber PROTW Lux / LOW - Where to use

A premium quality solvent based impregnator and sealer suitable for sealing and waterproofing all types of medium to high absorbent natural stone floors. The product is not suitable as a treatment for highly polished natural stone floors. Safe to use on limestone, marble floors, most types of non glossy granite floors, terrazzo floors, quartz floors, etc. Same system of application applies for indoor and outdoor use. You can use the new Faber PROTW Lux / LOW on medium and high traffic natural stone floors. 

Faber PROTW Lux / LOW - How to use

It is essential that the surface is 100% sealant free, clean and dry. It cannot penetrate pre-existing sealers or surfaces polished with polishing powders. It can be applied with an applicator, a roller, a brush or any other way you want. Allow the stone to absorb whatever it needs and about 10 minutes later remove the excess. It responds well to burnishing with a white pad. One coat of Faber PROTW Lux / LOW is usually more than enough but two coats can be applied on highly absorbent stones. A bit of ventilation is required to speed up the drying process. The new Faber PROTW Lux / LOW is suitable for residential and commercial use. 

This is one of the most innovative solvent based impregnators from the Faber range. This product will dry very fast, it will provide years of protection and it will help with the cleaning routine. Apply it as recommended by the manufacturer.

Faber PROTW Lux / LOW

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