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Faber A1 Marble Polishing Powder

  • High performing polishing powder suitable for polishing white marble

  • To be applied with a low speed floor buffer and a standard white pad

  • Perfectly polishes light coloured marbles, without causing imperfections

  • Creates superior brightness on the floor, very long lasting

  • Highly recommended for medium to high traffic marble floors/tops/etc

  • Suitable to use on all marble surfaces that are sensitive to powders

  • Available in 5 Kg buckets, very easy to apply, high coverage area

Faber A1 Marble Polishing Powder - Where to use

Faber A1 Marble Polishing Powder is a high performance polishing marble powder that will create a perfect gloss on all types of marble floors. The product is usually used on white marbles or marble floors that are sensitive to standard polishing powders. It can be used on marble, terrazzo and travertine floors. It will not mark the floor and it will not create overcoating marks. Suitable for heavy duty professional marble cleaning projects.

Faber A1 Marble Polishing Powder - How to apply

The marble has to be grinded to a smooth finish before polishing. Finish the floor with a 3000 grit diamond pad dry and then start using the powder. Work on 1-2 sq meters of floor at a time. Put about 1 teaspoon of powder onto the floor, wet it well to create a creamy composition, put the white floor pad over it and buff it with a low speed floor buffer until the composition looks like a uniform cream. Keep the composition semi-wet as you buff. Extract the semi wet composition well. Quick wipe with a flat mopping system. Buff the floor again with a high speed floor buffer and a clean white floor pad or a 3000 grit green diamond pad until the gloss is uniform.

Do not use the cream on dirty and unpolished marble floors. Do not work on large surfaces at once. Do not over wet the powder. Do not work in a panic. Perfection takes time and patience.

Faber A1 Marble Polishing Powder

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