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Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White

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-well build, great looking and very ergonomic design

-suitable for pubs, restaurants, public buildings, etc

-fully certified fire retardant pedal bin - Cert SII 210/2

-it will fit bags 20" x 37", height 705 mm, width 330 mm

-painted with fire resistant commercial white paint

-affordable, durable and very cost effective product


Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White Review

Fire destroys. It causes grave harm to investments and lives. Buildings torched down, body injuries, and not to mention the psychological trauma that comes after living through an inferno. You don’t want your business premises to be reduced to ashes, or put the lives of the personnel and patients in your health care centre at risk. In places like hotels and hospitals, the fire could go unnoticed and spread before it can be dealt with. Garbage is a common cause of such incidences, whether it's litter like waste paper, or even oily and hazardous material. It is certain that any business or premises, where there are people trooping in and out of, will produce a large amount of waste every day. What matters is how effectively and securely it is disposed of. Why wait to deal with the repercussions? When it comes to fires, prevention is definitely better than a cure. That's a job for the Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White. 


Trash contains numerous flammable items. All the litter needs to burst into flames is an ignition source, and oxygen to sustain it. It can be accidental or malicious. For instance, tossing heated containers or foods straight onto bottles containing remnants of flammable solvents- like those used in cleaning and treatment programs, can cause a fire. Even something as simple as a lit cigarette butt landing on a pile of newspapers can lead to an all-out inferno. Malicious cases are those arson attempts, where the bin is a common target due to the combustible material it carries. You want a product that can be able to put out the flames, or even stop them from getting sparked off in the first place. That's right up the alley of the Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White


Benefits Of The Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White

1. Certified performance

With Fire Retardant Cert SII 210/2, you can trust it to deliver. The Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it lives up to its mandate, enabling you to provide a safer means to manage the trash generated in your establishment. As such, it can be used in a wide range of commercial institutions from office suites and industrial plants, all though to hospitals. The Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White prevents and extinguishes fire through various features, from its high density Polyester Powdercoated structure, to the automated sealing of the lid that cuts off oxygen supply. That way, you can rest assured that your business and employees will be safe.


2. Large volume

The Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White fits the 20" X 37" bags, with its height of 705mm, width of 330mm and depth at 245mm. This means that it has the capability to take in the constant trash that is being generated especially in high traffic areas. Its structure also enables it to be positioned strategically in easily accessible areas, since it doesn't take up much floor space.


3. Built to last

The Zintec Pre-Coated Steel structure of the Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White gives it enhanced durability, allowing it to stand up to the rigors of daily use. This enables it to have an extended service life, giving you more bang for your buck.


4. Warning sign

The Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White comes with a flammable material sign imprinted on its walls. This enables person to clearly be aware of the contents of the trash as they walk by, and guide others on the items they will throw into it.


5. Ergonomic

No one wants to keep opening and closing lids of bins. It risks contamination, which is of much more concern in high traffic establishments. With the Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White, you won’t have to worry about that. Simply use your foot to operate the pedal at its base to open the lid, and toss in the trash. This also makes it easy to operate in case you've carried a huge load to it with both your arms. It reduces time spent standing at the bin.


6. Budget friendly

The affordable Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White enables you to enhance the safety of your premises and simultaneously manage the garbage disposal program without breaking the bank. Its high quality and durability ensure that you get a value return for the amount you spend, cutting down on the expenditure you incur.


Tips For Using The Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White

· Ensure that you never miss a garbage collection day. It's frustrating when you watch the truck drive away leaving you with a full bin. Setting reminders can be useful.

· Clean the Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White after you’ve disposed of the trash. Wash, rinse and allow to dry. This is to remove traces of gunk that are in it, and doing it regularly will extend the life of the Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White.

· Get a bin bag for the Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White. This will reduce your workload, by preventing the interior walls from getting layered by gunk. It also helps with odour control, and lifting off the waste from the bin.

· Do not over-fill the Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White. You don’t want to prevent it from closing effectively. This will expose the flammable items to the oxygen-abundant atmosphere, and then it’s simply a matter of ignition to start a fire. In addition, when the Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White doesn’t shut properly, it means that pests and scavengers looking for a quick meal will be able to access it and rummage through the contents. There may not be organic matter, but the result of their activities will be the flammable materials getting removed from the bin and strewn all over your establishment. That is in itself a fire hazard.

· Place the Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White away from direct sunlight, to avoid the content of the bin from being heated up.

· Ensure that the Medium Fire Retardant Pedal White is easily accessible. Place it in a location that people can easily see it, such as near exit or entryway, or even the office corner where it’s in the sight of all. No one likes having to rush down a flight of stairs each time they want to toss an item into the trash. Convenient location encourages proper waste disposal, further enhancing the safety of your establishment. Watch out for places where it can be a trip hazard, like in the middle of a hallway.


Medium Fire Retardant Pedal


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