Medium Wheelie Bin Liners

Medium Wheelie Bin Liners

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Product Description

-good quality domestic & light commercial wheelie bin liners

-suitable for collecting all types of general waste and rubbish

-this wheelie bin liner is made from 25 micron compostable plastic

-it will keep your wheelie bin clean and it will prevent bad odours

-available in rolls of 6 bags or boxes of 20 wheelie bin liners


A Look At The Wheelie Bin Liners

How much waste is generated in your place? The statistics are eye-opening. In UK homes alone, every day 1.1 million eggs. 1.5 whole tomatoes, and up to a staggering 24 million whole slices of bread are thrown away. In fact, the average British citizen discards about 24 meals each month. In addition to the leftover foods, there's paper and garden waste for those weekend landscaping and pruning activities around the yard. The mounds of gunk that build up need to be disposed from your residential premises. After all, no one likes living with all that mess. First, it's unsightly. Walking into a trashed home or your neighbours complaining about all the gunk spilled over your driveway is not how you want things to be. You want an efficient way to manage all the waste that builds up on a daily basis. A product that can handle the bulk and hold it in till the garbage crew carries and transports it to the disposal sites. That's the job description of the wheelie bin liners. 


Of course you don't expect trash to smell like roses, but can you prevent it from stinking up the entire house? The foul odours from the contents rotting in the wheelie bin can spread through the entire premises, making it unbearable. They are also a beacon that calls out to bugs, flies, raccoons, cockroaches and all kinds of creatures looking for a quick bite. The wheelie bin liners will enable you to keep the odours at bay, and help prevent the scavengers from being attracted to your establishment. There are also the health issues that you'll want to avoid. Managing the trash is vital to prevent the germs breeding in it from being transmitted throughout the household. You don’t want to incur medical bills because of simply not disposing off that pasta or expired bread appropriately. The animals coming into the residence in the cover of darkness, like mice, also carry with them a plethora of pathogens, which increase the health risk exponentially. In addition, there are risks to the building itself caused by leaving trash all over. First, the rodents scouring through the walls, vents, and ceilings end up clawing and gnawing at the wire’s electrical insulation, which can lead to a fire. Even the paper waste left lying around can cause a fire incident. Tossing all the trash into the wheelie bin liners will enable you to avert these problems. 


4 Reasons To Invest In The Wheelie Bin Liners

1. Built for tough

You can count on the wheelie bin liners to handle the demand of the waste generated in your establishment. They are medium duty, and 25 micron thick, built to hold in the trash without tearing. That way, you can toss the garbage into the wheelie bin and lift it out during collection day without worrying about it spilling back into the bin, or out onto the floor. Whether it’s that melon, bread or lettuce, kitty litter, napkins, eggshells, fruit residues, tea bags, plastic food trays and yoghurt pots, cigarettes and nappies, paper waste like books, letters, phone directories and catalogues writing and packaging paper, crushed cartons, glassware, flaks, all through to garden, waste, the wheelie bin liners are up to the task.


2. High capacity

The 28 x 46 x 54 capacity wheelie bin liners have sufficient room to take in the waste. In addition, since the bin won’t require to be emptied as often, it increases the efficiency of the waste management process.


3. Designed for wheelie bins

We're in the golden age of the wheelie bin. For years the bins have had their popularity grow rapidly- and with good reason. For starters, the old bins were difficult to move, and were prone to rust. No one really looks forward to injuries while lifting and transporting heavy bins. Then there were items like broken glass, corrosives, and biohazardous substances that increased health risks. Add the time needed to collect, empty then return the trash containers to every single household, and that meant the garbage collection crew spent hours en route. Hazards from slippery walkways and driveways especially during winter, plus pets like dogs, made the job a whole lot harder. Whenever there was high human traffic in an establishment, more bins wold be needed to store a week's full waste output. The wheelie bins made the process easier. They increased the speed of garbage collection, and reduced the risk of injury. The wheelie bin liners come in to enhance these attributes. They have been designed for use with standard domestic wheelie bins. They'll fit right in without any unsightly overhang, and enable the garbage too be collected more efficiently, while keeping the insides of the bin clean. You won't need to worry about gunk getting stuck to the walls of the bin or layering the surfaces, which also reduces the workload for the staff in your establishment.


4. Economical

The wheelie bin liners enable you to make savings through different ways. For starters, they come in affordable cases, meaning that you'll be cutting down costs right from the onset of the purchase. Secondly, each case has 20 rolls of wheelie bin liners, and every roll has 6 sacks. As such, you get extended usage out of every unit case bought. Moreover, each of the wheelie bin liners provides you with maximum value, since you won’t need to double bag it.


DOs And DON'Ts Of The Wheelie Bin Liners

· DO keep the wheelie bin lid closed. This way flies and vermin won't enter the wheelie bin liners. It also prevents birds, rodents, dogs, and other clawed creatures from slitting the bags open and messing things up.

· DO get rid of the food scraps right away. Don't leave them exposed for long in your home, to prevent flies laying eggs, which tends to result in maggots crawling all over the trash.

· DO wrap up meat, dairy and fish products before disposing them in the wheelie bin liners. Reduced oxygen supply slows down decomposition. 

· DO store the bin in the shade, where possible. Keeping it out of direct sunlight lowers the rate of decay.

· DON'T overfill the bin, otherwise the lid won’t shut, and you'll have a pest problem on your hands.

· DON'T pour liquid waste directly into the wheelie bin liners. The increased moisture levels will speed up decomposition of the waste, increasing odours. It’s recommended that you double bag the liquid waste, since you don’t want it getting punctured by sharp objects in the trash.

Wheelie Bin Liners


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