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Melamine Edging Pad

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: 440323
  • Availability: 100

Melamine Edging Pad

-heavy duty melamine edging pad

-suitable for deep cleaning & polishing

-very durable and very cost effective

-suitable for commercial & domestic

-no chemicals needed floor cleaning

Get Rid Of Grime With The Melamine Edging Pad

Melamine has been around for a couple of decades now, primarily being used as a sound insulator to improve a room's acoustics and dampen excess noise, and also for temperature insulation. Developers recently realised its potential as a cleaning tool, and it has rapidly gained popularity for the effectiveness it provides. Now in demand all across the globe, these "magic eraser sponges" get rid of everything from crayon marks that kids doodle on walls, to scuff marks and black heel marks left behind the workplace as people walk about. You want a product that you can trust to deliver on its mandate, and you can get that with the Melamine Edging Pad.

Fast cleaning action

The Melamine Edging Pad only needs water to effectively clean away the stains. There are no chemical agents that are required for the process. This effectiveness is attributed to the structure of melamine. Outwardly, it looks- and feels- just like a sponge. However, going down to the microscopic level, the actual power is realised. During the curing process from the resin to foam, the melamine microstructure hardens, almost like glass. When passed over the surface, it provides abrading action, like working with super-fine sandpaper. You can use the pad on a myriad of surfaces, from marble and stone, to concrete, VCT and ceramic.

The open-cell foam of the Melamine Edging Pad gives it a flexible structure, with each strand being tiny and slender, allowing you to bend the entire pad. Speaking of which, this structure is laden with cavities. The dirt on the surface is pulled into these cavities during the cleaning process, and the strands hold it in. In just a couple of passes the stains and dirt spots will come off the surface being worked on. This is different from the closed-cell foam, which is more rigid since the air pores are intact- you can visualise it as a bunch of balls that have been crammed up together. For the open-cell foam, these "balls" have been burst with bits of their casing remaining. These features combine to make the pad a valuable addition to your cleaning arsenal.

With the Melamine Edging Pad, you get to save on costs in different ways. Firstly, the product is affordable, and comes in a 5 pack. The durability of each individual pad enables it to provide optimal service for extended cleaning sessions. That way, you get to cut down on your cleaning and maintenance costs.

Melamine Edging Pads

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