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Micro Gliss Light Blue 11.5 x 47 cm Velcro System

  • Brand: Microfiber
  • Product Code: 2233
  • Availability: 100


-a microfiber flat mop head designed for plastic floors

-suitable for cleaning sealed & un-sealed plastic floors

-also suiable for washing all types of natural stone floors

-it will work with any velcro flat mopping system up to 50 cm

-it will improve the quality & the speed of floor cleaning

-it will provide great results even on uneven floors & walls

-it will absorb enough moist to be able to clean around 35 sq meter


Micro Gliss Light Blue 11.5 x 47 cm Velcro System


Get a Microfiber Flat Mop Head for the Ultimate Sparkle

Anyone who has shifted from regular string mops to the microfiber flat mop head has never looked back. Those who straight out started with microfiber have never had reason to look elsewhere. That’s because the products are effective in what they do: cleaning. This is not regular cleaning. The microfiber flat mop heads gets all the dirt and grime off your floor, including those microscopic particles that the other brushes and mops pass over. It's so effective that it reaches into crevices and pulls out the miniscule particles trapped there. The microfiber flat mop heads also sanitises your floor, by getting rid of bacteria and viruses. And they don’t pick them up to drop them off as soon as you get into the next room. These mop heads are designed to hold tightly onto the dirt until the moment that you'll wash them yourself, or launder them in a washing machine. And since you can cover more floor area with one sweep, you get to save lots of time.


The microfiber flat mop head is used by everyone, from home owners to cleaning contractors. They effectively clean flooring in both residential and commercial properties. Their use spans over to institutions like schools, and public venues. Why is the microfiber flat mop head so popular? Let's answer that.


Pros Of The Microfiber Flat Mop Heads

You can use a microfiber flat mop head to clean all kinds of flooring- from hardwood, tile, vinyl, to linoleum floors. You can also use it to dry clean ceilings and fan blades. When cleaning walls, ensure that you work from the bottom upwards. Here are the benefits these mop heads have for you:


1. Greater surface area compared to other mop heads such as cotton.

2. Enables streak-free a residue-free cleaning.

3. Traps dirt and dust particles, keeping them from getting raised into the atmosphere and affecting indoor air quality.

4. Reduce water and chemical usage.

5. Machine washable and reusable.

6. Hypoallergenic. You won't have any allergic reactions. It even protects against dust mites.

7. You can interchange mop heads, which enhances sanitation levels.


Using The Microfiber Flat Mop Heads

In case you’re deep cleaning or working on different areas, it’s advisable to use a couple of microfiber flat mop heads. This is especially if you're using more than one type of floor cleaner.


You will work with:

· Frames

They’re designed to easily swivel in all directions-left, right, up and down. This gives you more control. B By attaching the microfiber flat mop head to the wet mop or dry mop frame you'll be able to easily clean the floor, and even manoeuvre in and around those hard-to-reach areas.


· Handles

The mop's handle is attached to the microfiber flat mop head and frame to enable you clean quickly and efficiently. It also ensures that you never have to bend over to scrub your floor.


· Buckets

They hold the cleaning solution. You can soak a couple of mop heads in the solution, and attach one after the other as you proceed with the cleaning process. The base of the frame securely holds the microfiber flat mop head as you use it, but quickly releases it when a new one is needed. Place the dirty mop heads in a different bucket.


Alternatively, you can bypass all these and use a spray mop system. Simply attach the microfiber flat mop head to the mop, squeeze the trigger and mist the cleaning solution on the area you want, and clean it.


You can use a colour coding system while you're cleaning to prevent cross-contamination. Since the microfiber flat mop heads come in various colours, you can easily assign them to separate cleaning areas, i.e. one colour for the kitchen, the other for the bathroom, and so on. Such systems are highly effective for schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other health institutions and foodservice areas that require clean and safe facilities. You can employ the same technique in your own home. For example, the industrial colour coding system is: 


· Red- This is for high-risk areas such as toilets and urinals.

· Yellow- It designated specialty areas such as labs and gyms, and low-risk areas like lounges.

· Blue- It designates all-purpose cleaning, including dusting and office cleaning

· Green- This is for food service areas (kitchens)

You are free to use whichever colour scheme you see fit for your home or business establishment.


Tips For Using The Microfiber Flat Mop Heads

· First sweeping or vacuuming the floor will reduce the workload by getting rid of the loose debris on your floor.

· Work with a couple of microfiber flat mop heads so that you can change them easily. You don't have to wait till you over-soil the mop head.

· Use an 'S' or '8' pattern to mop. Also use your arm muscles. The microfiber flat mop head does most of the work for you, so you don't have to put your back into it. No one wants to deal with back strains.

· When wet cleaning, first dampen the mop head. Using it when it’s dry will just absorb the cleaning solution that you spray down onto the floor. A damp mop also reduces the amount of chemical you need on the floor.

· Plan your method of approach. Start at the opposite corner of the exit point and your way out of the room. You don't want to mop yourself into a corner and start tip-toeing over a wet floor.

· Clean the mop heads thoroughly in warm water after use. This ensures that any left-over chemicals are rinsed out.

· Machine wash the microfiber flat mop head regularly. Use laundry detergents. You can add mild disinfectants. Avoid acidic products and fabric softeners. 

· Never leave your microfiber flat mop head in dirty mop water overnight. You'll be creating a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. It will also weaken the fibers.

· A microfiber flat mop head doesn't take up much space. A bunch of them can fit well into most closets, or you can stack them in containers, cleaning bags or on shelves. You can even put them in mop buckets or charging buckets (where you’ll easily roll them in cleaning solution just before the next use). There's just one requirement: Never store when wet. The moisture will encourage growth of mould and mildew. After washing the microfiber flat mop head, allow it to completely dry before storing it.

Microfiber Flat Mop Head - professional results for less!

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