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-one of the softest microfiber floor pads available

-suitable for dust removing & light floor cleaning

-it can be used to apply floor polishes & sealants

-recommended for cleaning walls, floors & ceilings

-it can be machine washed for up to 1000 times

-twice as absorbent as pre-impregnated floor wipes

-suitable to use on all types of solid and soft floors


Micro Speed Plus Evolution - Where to use

This superb quality microfiber floor pad with velcro back, can be used for dusting and light cleaning of any type of floor surfaces. The microfiber floor pad will collect all the dust and all the dirt particles. Twice as absorbent and as efficient than other types of microfiber floor pads. This microfiber floor pad can be used for polish or sealant application jobs. It will absorb up to 240 ml of polish in one go and it will realesit on the floor with one light push of the mop handle. Micro Speed Plus Evolution van be used for dusting ceilings and walls as well. This magic microfiber floor pad can be machine washed up to 1000 times without losing ist qualities.


Micro Speed Plus Evolution - How to use

This microfiber floor pad has a velcro attaching system so it c an be used in conjunction with any type of flat mop that has a velcro attaching system. We can recommend our Velcro Frame 40 cm as the best match for this floor pad. This professional quality microfiber floor pad can reduce the need of using hoovers or other cleaning equipment. One quick mop will collect all the dust and all the small dust particles. Highly recommended for beauty saloons or clinics. It can be used dry or wet.


You are just about to buy one of the most efficient and cost effective microfiber floor pad out there. This pad does what it says it does and it will last for many more years. It can be used for daily cleaning and maintenance of all types of floors.


Micro Speed Plus Evolution - professional results for less!

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