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Microfiber Wipe Microspeed Glass Window

  • Top quality microfiber wipe specially designed for glass

  • Will leave a perfect streak free gloss on glass windows

  • Manufactured from 83% polyester and 17% polyamide

  • Ensures an impeccable result in one go, no residual traces

  • Suitable for commercial cleaning and residential cleaning

  • Can be used for computer screens, mirrors, fine furniture

  • Machine washable, very long lasting, reasonably priced

  • It feels soft, it absorbs dirt residue without scratching glass

Microfiber Wipe Microspeed Glass Window - Where to use

Our new Microfiber Wipe Microspeed Glass Window is a fine quality 100% microfiber cloth, suitable for polishing glass, mirrors, computer screens, sunglasses, highly polished surfaces. It will remove streaks and markings left from the cleaning process. No need to polish the surface many times over, one quick go and gloss will appear. It can be used for domestic and commercial glass cleaning projects. It does not scratch and it does not affect glass in any negative way. Guaranteed to last for long periods of time.

Microfiber Wipe Microspeed Glass Window - How to use

Clean the surface with a standard cleaning cloth and some type of alcohol based glass or window cleaner. Dry the surface well with another cloth. Now polish the whole surface with Microfiber Wipe Microspeed Glass Window. Be ready to be amazed. The glossy surface will look perfectly smooth and streak free.

You can buy the new Microfiber Wipe Microspeed Glass Window in single units or packs of 10 cloths. By using premium quality microfiber cloths manufactured by Concept Microfiber, you are investing your money in very durable cloths that achieve better results than standard low cost microfiber cloths and reducing the amount of time needed to get results. Try the new revolutionary microfiber systems manufactured by Concept.

Microfiber Wipe Microspeed Glass Window

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