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Concept Microfiber Netty Cloths - Self Protected Cloth / Blue, Green, Yellow & Red

  • Brand: Microfiber
  • Product Code: 0472
  • Availability: 5

Self Protecting Netty Microfiber Wipe

  • 40 cm x 40 cm, non woven microfiber cloth

  • Permanent bacteriostatic treatment, 4 colours

  • Very resistant and effective on all surfaces

  • Leaves no marks, no streaks and no fluff

  • Highly recommended for fine surface cleaning

  • Suitable for heavy duty commercial cleaning

  • 100% Microfiber, 60% polyester & 40% polyamide

Self Protecting Netty Microfiber Wipe - Where to use

A very light and cost effective universal microfiber cleaning cloth from Concept Microfiber. Manufactured from premium quality non woven microfiber fibres. It can be used for dry and wet cleaning. It can be used for day to day cleaning of all types of surfaces, including glass, wood, polished tiles, stainless steel, plastic, etc. You can use it for cleaning or for the final surface polishing. Self Protecting Netty Microfiber Wipe is available in yellow, green, pink & blue. It will not fluff and it will not leave any streaks. Machine washable.

Self Protecting Netty Microfiber Wipe - How to use

You can use the cloth as a standard microfiber cleaning cloth for day to day surface cleaning or you can use the cloth for the final polishing of highly polished surfaces. Used dry it will achieve a superior gloss finish on most highly polished surfaces. It can be used for heavy duty commercial cleaning and light domestic cleaning projects. A premium quality universal microfiber cleaning cloth. This high quality microfiber cleaning cloth is very popular with the car cleaning industry.

Self Protecting Netty Microfiber Wipe - Why use it

Concept Microfiber manufactures top of the range eco microfiber cleaning products. All Concept products are designed to last for very long periods of time and to help you achieve more with less effort. All Concept Microfiber products are made from premium quality microfiber fibres. Cost effective, affordable and easy to use.

Self Protecting Netty Microfiber Wipe

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