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Sloopy Kit - Handle And 40 cm Frame

  • Brand: Microfiber
  • Product Code: 2238
  • Availability: 10

Concept Microfiber Sloopy Kit - Handle & Frame

  • Ergonomic floor cleaning and floor maintenance kit from Concept Microfiber

  • The kit contains the amazing extendable telescopic pole and the 40 cm frame

  • The pole extends from 117 cm to 178 cm and easily adapts to the users height

  • Rotating, non-slip globe, designed to reduce M.S.D (Musculoskeletal Disorder)

  • Highly recommended for daily floor cleaning projects in large offices & receptions

  • The floor kit is compatible with all over 44 cm Concept Microfiber floor pads

  • Manufactured from premium quality aluminium, the kit weighs only 510 grams

  • 40 cm velcro frame, fast pad changing system, available in pink, very durable

Concept Microfiber Sloopy Kit - Handle & Frame - Where to use

This is one of the most innovative and advanced floor cleaning kits from Concept Microfiber. This super kit was designed for professionals cleaning floors daily. The handle of the frame is fitted with a rotating, non-slip globe, designed to reduce M.S.D (Musculoskeletal Disorder). The whole kit is manufactured from heavy duty but light aluminium components that weigh only 510 grams. The new Concept Microfiber Sloopy Kit - Handle & Frame is highly recommended for regular office floor cleaning, hotels, large receptions & generally all types of large commercial floors. It fits easily into all narrow corners and under furniture. Its velcro frame is 40 cm long and it will fit all over 43 cm velcro backed pads.

Concept Microfiber Sloopy Kit - Handle & Frame - How to use

Join the frame with the handle by pushing the handle onto the frame. Select the most appropriate microfiber floor pad for that particular job and start scrubbing, dusting or polishing the floor. Its ergonomic handle will allow you to fit the frame under beds, furniture and in all narrow corners without bending your back. It's amazing handle will enable you to work for very long periods of time without feeling any pain in your joints or muscles. 

If you haven't used the new Concept Microfiber Sloopy Kit - Handle & Frame, you should try it now. Your staff will thank you for it. You will achieve more with less effort. 

Concept Microfiber Sloopy Kit - Handle & Frame

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