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-affordable premium quality mop head 

-made from very absorbent materials

-works with all intercharge handles

-suitable for light & heavy duty jobs

-much better quality than similar mops

-suitable for domestic & commercial


Midi Mop Head Review

What do you look for in a mop head? You want a product that can clean effectively with as little energy as possible. The quality of a mop depends on its yarn. The yarn's design determines the mop head's adaptability to the task at hand. Going for high quality products ensures that you receive high-performance, and also gives you a durable product that you won't need to keep replacing. That's where the midi mop head comes in.


You want a product that can remove the build-up of dirt on your floor, which acts as a breeding ground for all kinds of pathogens and dust mites. Cleaning floors is not just about hygiene. No one likes lacklustre floors. You don't want to live in an icky or dirty environment. You want visitors to your home or office to walk in and marvel at the state of your floor. Getting a product that works ensures that you get to enjoy the benefits of a clean and sparkling floor.


What Is The Midi Mop Head?

This product brings together the cleaning power of cotton and the strength of polyester, giving you an effective cleaning tool that lasts for longer. It's made using blended yarn, with each component having its value. The cotton absorbs and holds the water, while the polyester reduces the "break-in" period and enables it to resist tearing. 


The mini mop head has looped hollow fibres, which enables it to pick up dirt, grime, grease, pet dander, shed hair and other kinds of gunk from your floor. It's designed to enable easy wringing, so that you can clean the floor quickly and easily.


Using The Midi Mop Head

It can be used for numerous cleaning applications- whether you're absorbing grease and oil from food preparation areas like kitchens, cleaning up food and beverage spills, working on your floor at home or in the office, in schools, retail stores, malls, hallways. It works across the scope and is a popular product from residential areas to business complexes. The yarn of the midi mop head can pick up spills on rough and uneven surfaces, and it's highly absorbent. It works on all flooring, from vinyl, laminate and stone, to ceramic, tile, hardwood, linoleum and concrete.


Benefits Of The Midi Mop Head

Here are 9 reasons why you should invest in the midi mop head for your home or establishment:

1. Effectively cleans

That's your main reason for looking for the midi mop head in the first place. You want a product that gets the dirt and grime off your floor, and this one does not disappoint. The midi mop head covers a wider area and gives you greater consistency. It ensures that even the loose specks of dust are picked up in one sweeping motion. 

The midi mop head has the ability to hold onto moisture once it picks it up. This means that, in addition to getting particles off your floor, you can use it to dry wet floors.


2. Versatile

Different floors have different cleaning requirements. The cleaning solutions you use for your wood flooring are different from the ones required for tile or vinyl floors. You may want to mop up a water spill, or to use specialised cleaners to get rid of beverage or ink stains. The midi mop head is compatible with most disinfectants and solutions, thus making it ideal for many cleaning applications. You can even use it on walls and ceilings.


3. Durable

Since the midi mop head is made from a cotton-polyester blend, it has enhanced strength for handling even tough jobs. This makes it durable, capable of handling your cleaning requirements. It does not fray or unravel thanks to its looped ends.


4. Coloured yarn

The midi mop head has yellow yarn with a white band. This means you can implement colour-coded cleaning system in your establishment, to prevent cross-contamination.


5. Used with an Interchange mop

The midi mop head intricately fits any interchange handle.


6. Fast drying

The drying aspect is advantageous in 2 ways. Firstly, when cleaning, the midi mop head leaves only a light layer of water that quickly dries. Secondly, the midi mop head itself dries quickly after you wash it, thus inhibiting the growth of mould and mildew.


7. Long lasting

The looped end midi mop head is designed to last up to 8 times longer than the cut end. The looped ends on the mop head enable greater liquid retention, which prevents linting. Linting occurs when the loose fibres from a mop are left behind after cleaning. You don't want fibres being left around on hallways of your reception area after you're done cleaning. Your midi mop head will be usable for longer. This helps you make savings, as you'll be cutting down on costs for your cleaning supplies. 


8. Light

You want a product that's easy to use and move around. The dry midi mop head weighs 14oz, making it convenient for your cleaning processes. Even when fully soaked with water, it will be light on your hands.


9. Machine washable

After mopping the floor, you can launder the mini mop head by hand or take it to the washing machine. This will prevent bacteria growth, and stop awful odours from developing.


How To Maintain The Midi Mop Head

· When you’re mopping a rough surface, always mop in the direction with the least snagging.


· Always rinse it after every cleaning session. Leaving it to dry without washing off the dirty mop water will create a fertile ground for millions of bacteria, which will be spread all over the floor the next time you'll be mopping. You can rinse it with hot running water, or in a mop bucket with clean water. Rinse and repeat until the water is clear.


· Launder the midi mop regularly. Avoid strong cleaning solutions like bleach and caustics. 


· Allow to air dry. The midi mop head dries fast, so there's no need for direct application of heat. Whether you have washed it in a bucket or in a washing machine, you’ll need to hang it out in a well-ventilated area. Drying will prevent mould and mildew from forming.


· Invest in a couple of midi mop heads. This will reduce the work load on one, and make it easy to wash. In addition, having a number of midi mop heads will enable you to come up with a colour coding system, and you'll be able to swap out mop heads for different areas.


Midi Mop Head - professional results for less!

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