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Heavy duty domestic & commercial mop buckets for sale. All sizes available for delivery

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12 L Mop Bucket With Squeezer

-professional quality 12 l mop bucket with squeezer-suitable for commercial and domestic floor cleaning-made from very thick & durable plastic components-suitable for light and heavy duty floor cl..

12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket

-very popular multi use large mop bucket-suitable for domestic & commercial use-made from chemical resistant materials-cheap, durable, light, compact, universal12Ltr Deluxe Mop BucketMopping is pa..

14 L Mop Bucket With Squeezer

14 L Mop Bucket With Squeezer-another quality mop bucket with squeezer from TTS-made from reinforced plastic to prevent rust & fading-suitable for medium to big commercial floor cleaning-due to it..

15ltr Eco Mop Bucket Black

15ltr Eco Mop Bucket Black Low cost budget eco mop bucket suitable for domestic & light commercial useManufactured from 100% recycled plastic, colour black, 15 litres, great qualitySold with ..

15Ltr Standard Mop Bucket

-large professional mop bucket & squeezer-suitable for domestic and commercial use-one of the most affordable bucket in Ireland-light, durable, affordable, chemical resistant-15 L mop bucket avail..

25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer

-heavy duty industrial/commercial mop bucket-compatible with all Kentucky large mop heads-manufactured from chemical resistant plastic-caution “wet” floor is printed on both sides -affordable, du..

8+6 L Mop Bucket With Squeezer

8 + 6 L Mop Bucket With Squeezer-outstanding professional mop buckets with durable squeezer-it has one area for your cleaning solution and one area for waste-made from reinforced plastic fibres & ..

Action-Pro 30 Litre Double Bucket Mopping System

Action-Pro 30L Double Bucket Mopping SystemA large heavy duty commercial mop bucket with hard wearing wringerSuitable for cleaning large floors in schools, pubs, gyms, public buildingsA double sided m..

Caution Elegance Bucket With Squeezer

Caution Elegance Bucket With SqueezerPremium quality black mop bucket with a heavy duty yellow squeezerWorks with all sized mop heads up to 250G, 15 Litres, very lightSuitable for all kinds of light c..

Ettore Bucket Round 15 Ltr

Ettore Bucket Round 15LHeavy duty plastic bucket suitable for window cleaningManufactured from top quality shock resistant plasticLight, stainless steel handle, 15L, yellow, very affordableUV safe, it..

Ettore Window Cleaning Bucket 14L

Ettore Window Cleaning Bucket 14LVery popular universal window cleaning bucketSuitable for commercial and domestic cleaningManufactured from shock resistant components14L, blue colour, very light, sta..
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Kent Mop Bucket Set With Wheel Support | 16 L

Kent Mop Bucket Set With Wheel Support | 16 L16 L mop bucket on wheels suitable for medium to large floor cleaning projectsReasonably priced, very well made, grey color with a durable grey squeezerThe..

Little Richard Mop Bucket

 Little Richard Mop Bucket-very versatile light medium size mop bucket-suitable for domestic and light commercial-made from very good quality plastic material-it will hold 10 l of water or cleani..

Maid Tidy Carrying Tray

Maid Tidy Carrying Tray-professional Maid Tidy Carrying Tray-suitable for heavy duty commercial use-affordable, light & time saving tool-highly recommended for office cleaningManaging Your Cleanin..

Phoenix Socket Mop Bucket 10L

Phoenix Socket Mop Bucket 10LLightweight universal mop bucket suitable for medium duty cleaning projects10L, available in 4 distinct colours, heat resistant & chemical resistant plasticCompatible ..
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CleanFast’s Mop Buckets: Your Ideal Cleaning Partner

Cleaning can be a much-dreaded task, but with the right equipment, it can be equally hassle-free and even fun. At CleanFast, we understand the importance of a durable and good-quality mop bucket in achieving spotless surfaces and enhancing the cleaning experience.

Our comprehensive range of mop buckets is enlisted from prominent manufacturers after proper research to guarantee versatility in function and prices. These are suited for different cleaning needs of residential and commercial spaces.

Check Out Our Collection of Mop Buckets

Our priority is supreme quality and functionality and our mop buckets reflect the same. Each product we stock is made from high-quality materials to withstand everyday use. This further makes them affordable investments. There are different styles, colours, and materials used. Here’s an overview of our collection:

  • 12 Litre and 14 Litre Mop Buckets with Squeezer
  • 25 Litres Mopping System with Gear Press Wringer
  • 15 Litres Standard Mop Buckets
  • 8+6 litre Mop Bucket with Squeezer
  • 30 Litres Double System Mop Bucket
  • Window Cleaning Buckets
  • Mop Bucket Sets with Wheels
  • Tidy Carrying Tray
  • Small Mop Buckets
  • Socket Mop Buckets
  • Mopping System with Wheels
  • Simple Plastic Buckets

Key Features of Our Mop Buckets

Our mop buckets are listed to complement our range of cleaning products and mops. The highlighting features of these are:

  • Functionality: From wheels for mobility, splash guards, and integrated wringers to a pouring lip, our mop buckets are extremely functional and simplify the cleaning process.
  • Easy to Maintain: Cleaning and maintaining our mop buckets is easy because of their structure and smooth surfaces.
  • Eco-Friendly: We have a strict eco-friendly outlook, and our mop buckets reflect the same. These are made from environmentally friendly materials and through eco-friendly means.

Experience Hasslefree Cleaning with CleanFast

Investing in a good quality mop bucket is essential for a smooth and easy cleaning process. Our mop buckets guarantee an effortless and enjoyable experience for every cleaning need. Visit us now at CleanFast and feel the difference a good mop bucket can make.