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-super concentrated all purpose general cleaner

-tough on dirt & very long lasting cleaning product

-suitable for use on all types of hard surfaces

-brilliant carpet spot remover and pre spray treatment

-cleans and refreshes the area in one easy go


Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner – Where to use

Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner can be used on most washable surfaces. Some rubber mats or rubber floors need to be pre tested for compatibility. Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner can be used as a general cleaning product, floor cleaning product, bathroom cleaning product & kitchen cleaning product. Efficient and fast acting.


Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner – Dilution

Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner is a ready to use cleaning product but for light maintenance cleaning jobs it can be diluted to a less concentrated consistency. For daily office cleaning or general house cleaning you can dilute it to 1 to 10. For floor cleaning jobs you can dilute to 1 to 50. For tough heavy duty jobs use undiluted.


Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner – How to use

Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner is a multi task cleaning product and it can be used in many ways. You can uses it with all the spray and wipe systems, mopping or machine cleaning. The most common way of using Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner is with the spray and wipe system. It reacts instantly on contact with organic dirt and it breaks even the toughest dirt in seconds. Super efficient and very cost effective general cleaning product.


Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner – Safety

This general cleaning product has low alkalinity and very low risk of damaging your skin or other items. For longer periods of use please wear gloves. Always pre test for suitability.


Mystrol All Surface Cleaner – Recommendation

Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner is a heavy duty cleaning product. Highly recommended for once off house cleaning jobs or office cleaning. This cleaning product is much stronger than the usual general cleaning products. Efficient on removing organic stains from carpets and sofas.



Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner – dirt stands no chance!

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