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ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves

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-much better and much tougher than classic latex gloves

-suitable for use in the cleaning industry, medical centres, etc

-very affordable and about 50% more durable than latex

-made from non allergenic & non powdered quality materials

-available in box of 100 or you can buy bulk for better prices



Nitrile Gloves – Where to use

The nitrile gloves were originally designed for medical examinations but have become very popular within the cleaning industry, food processing industry, shops, etc. Our nitrile gloves are much better than standard latex gloves and will take much more stretching & use to break. Many people are allergic to latex so the nitrile gloves are a better option. There is not a specific way of using these gloves, you can use them wherever and whenever needed, exactly as you would use latex gloves, but they will last longer and cost a bit less per box. Any quantity of nitrile gloves are available from our website.



Nitrile Gloves – Cost effective

According to many researches, nitrile gloves will last 5 to 6 times longer than latex gloves.  Even if the nitrile gloves last twice as long as the latex gloves, you will save a lot of money. Nitrile gloves are also good for the environment because less gloves will be used to complete a job.



Nitrile Gloves – Recommendation

If you work in an industry where your hands need full time protection and if you are looking for a way of reducing the bill for gloves, you should try nitrile gloves. They are almost the same as latex gloves but are harder to break and a bit cheaper. Many car repair shops use nitrile gloves for the simple fact that they last for so long. Buy nitrile gloves bulk to save money. Free delivery on all orders over 100€.




Nitrile Gloves – why not try the new sensation in the gloves industry?


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