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No Parking Floor Sign

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: AF03037.6
  • Availability: 10

No Parking Floor Sign

  • Professional No Parking Floor Sign suitable for commercial use

  • Manufactured from heavy duty shock resistant plastic materials

  • Dual sided, A frame, light, folds for easy storage, very affordable

  • Unaffected by harsh chemicals, UV light or regular heavy duty use

  • Highly recommended for commercial and industrial warning use

  • Small enough to fit in any small storage room or any cleaning van

  • 60 cm height by 30 cm, manufactured from visible yellow plastic

  • One of the most affordable and cost effective parking signs available

No Parking Floor Sign - Where to use

The No Parking Floor Sign is usually popular with carparks, power washing companies and shopping centres. If you are planning to reserve a particular parking spot for some reason, a No Parking Floor Sign would be the best tool. The warning sign is manufactured from bright yellow components and it is sure to be visible from far away. It can be used indoors and outdoors without any problems. The No Parking Floor Sign is dual sided and manufactured from shock resistant plastic. Due to its foldable A-shape, our No Parking Floor Sign can be easily stored at the back of doors, inside small vans, in all narrow storage areas or even hanging from the door hanger. Light, ergonomic, durable and designed for heavy duty use. 

No Parking Floor Sign - How to use

Identify the areas where parking is not permitted for a period of time and install your sign by fully opening it. Be sure to have the front area with the writing clearly visible so drivers can get the message. When the area becomes available for parking, just remove the No Parking Floor Sign and store it in a safe area away from sharp objects that could easily scratch the writing and make it less visible. 

A No Parking Floor Sign is designed for temporary use. When used outside in bad weather, the sign might require some weights attached to its base to be able to stand up in bad winds. Remember to remove the sign when you are done working or using that particular area. A No Parking Floor Sign cannot be used for any other warning jobs besides parking management projects

No Parking Floor Sign

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