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Nordicare Textile Protector | Scotchgard Fabric Protector

  • Brand: Nordicare
  • Product Code: 64225040
  • Availability: 50

Nordicare Textile Protector 500 ML

  • High quality fabric protector compatible with all fabrics and textiles

  • It will fully penetrate the textile fabric and it will protect against stains

  • Manufactured from the finest eco-friendly materials and components

  • Compatible with all new, newly cleaned and old types of textile fabric

  • The surface has to be dust free, residue free and fully dry before use

  • To be applied in an even coat all over the surface and allowed to dry

  • It provides very long and uninterrupted protection on all textile fabric

  • It can be used on sofas, chairs, curtains, carpets, mattresses, shoes

  • The product will start providing full protection within a matter of hours

  • It protects against all types of spills, liquids, food spills & dirt penetration

  • The surface treated can be deep cleaned with an extraction system

  • 500 ML of textile protector will cover a full sofa set of 3 + 2 + 1 seats

Nordicare Textile Protector | Why Use It

Spills on a new or old fabric textile can be highly problematic. In some instances a sofa can be badly stained within a matter of seconds. A top quality protector like the new Nordicare Textile Cleaner 500 ML will give you some time to extract the liquid and prevent permanent staining in some cases. The product is 100% invisible, easy to apply and it provides full protection within a few hours. To be used on a regular basis to protect and seal high traffic areas. The new Nordicare Textile Cleaner 500 ML is suitable for heavy duty residential protection and light commercial use. All you need to do is to spray it and allow it to dry. Job done.

Nordicare Textile Protector | Where To Use It

Highly effective textile fabric protector compatible with all types of sofas, chairs, rugs, mattresses, carpets, curtains, cloths, shoes, etc. The product will provide outstanding protection against spills and all kinds of liquid. An untreated surface will absorb the liquid nearly instantly while a surface sealed with the new Nordicare Textile Cleaner 500 ML will take a few minutes to stain, enough time to remove and extract the liquid from the surface. The product is manufactured from some of the best and some of the “greenest” components. 

Nordicare Textile Protector | How To Use It

Step 1: Making sure that the surface is residue free, dust free and stain free should be the first step. If there are visible stains on the surface, please remove them in full with Nordicare Textile Cleaner and only after the surface is dry and stain free, it should be sealed.

Step 2: Shake the bottle well for up to 10 seconds to create an even composition. Start spraying the surface from about 20 cm away directly on the surface. Make sure that the whole fabric is evenly sprayed and the job is completed. Do not use the surface for at least 3-5 hours to make sure that the protective coat of sealer has dried nicely inside the fabric. 

***The estimated coverage area will depend on the size of the item, its absorbency and the type of material. Do not breathe the mist generated while spraying the surface. ***

The difference in surface absorbency will be visible as soon as the fabric has dried. After the treatment the fabric surface will be 90% less absorbent and it will take way longer to get dirty. One of the most cost effective textile protectors in the EU.

Nordicare Textile Protector | Recommendation

A fine mist of the product is all that is needed to start the protection. Do not overuse the product and soak the fabric. Do not use the surface until 100% dry. Do not mix the product with any other products and keep it away from pets & children. 

Nordicare Textile Protector

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