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Nordicare Washing Machine Cleaner 

  • Powerful washing machine cleaner, residue remover and soap residue emulsifier

  • Compatible with all types / makes of commercial and domestic washing machines

  • Regular use of the product will reduce the risk of washer parts breaking & it disinfects

  • It will clean and disinfect the outside of the washing machine and all internal parts

  • To be diluted 1 to 10 and used in an empty wash cycle

  • The product is highly effective, very reasonable priced and very easy to use

  • 100% biodegradable, 100% eco-friendly & manufactured from sustainable materials

  • A product recommended for washing machines that get a lot of use

  • It does not affect the internal stainless steel parts and it does not leave a residue 

  • Sold in a 250 ML bottle manufactured from recycled plastic & it is also recyclable

Nordicare Washing Machine Cleaner | Why Use It

Most people are likely to use their washing machine a number of times per week, if not daily. So all that washing is likely to cause wear and tear of the washing machine over time. Soap residue, grease, fat, oils, limescale, etc, all these things are likely to deposit on the internal piping and the draining system. Out of nowhere, the machine will stop working. You can prevent this and you can make sure that you are using a fully disinfected washing machine by using the new Nordicare Washing Machine Cleaner. This product will get rid of all types of residue from inside the washing machine and also from the whole draining system. Highly recommended for properties where a number of people are using the same washing machine. It keeps the washing machine in a spotless condition and it neutralizes all kinds of bad bacteria that can easily develop inside the washing machine. 

Nordicare Washing Machine Cleaner | Where To Use It

A professional quality washing machine cleaner and washing machine maintainer compatible with all residential, commercial and industrial washing machines. The product is known to dissolve residue fast and to leave the surfaces intact. It can be used on all kinds of materials including stainless steel, chrome, plastic, laminate surfaces, etc. The product can be used for interior and exterior washing machine cleaning. No need for fancy tools or any training. 

Nordicare Washing Machine Cleaner | How To Use It

This is not a washing machine detergent so do not use it while the machine is loaded with clothes. Make sure that the washing machine is empty, dilute the product 1 to 10, or add 500 ML of the new Nordicare Washing Machine Cleaner to 10L of clean and warm water & then start a washing cycle at the maximum heat. The machine will work as usual, no defoamer needs to be added and no other scrubbing is required. While the washing machine is on, the cleaning agents contained within the product will dissolve soap residue, washing powder residue, grease, fats, oils, etc. The internal visible part of the washing machine will be deep cleaned and also the draining system. The results will be visible after the washing machine cleaning cycle has stopped. The stainless steel part will be spotless and streak free and there will be no more residue inside it. A great product. 

Nordicare Washing Machine Cleaner | Recommendations

Avoid direct contact with the skin. If swallowed please seek medical advice immediately. The product is highly concentrated so the dilution rate has to be respected. Keep away from children and pets and store in a cool, dark place. Do not mix it up with any other similar products to avoid unwanted reactions.

Nordicare Washing Machine Cleaner

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