Numatic | Henry | Hetty Vacuum Bags

Product Description

 Numatic | Henry | Hetty Vacuum Bags

-high quality HEPA Numatic hoover bags

-made from 3 layer hepaflo filter dust bags

-very thick & very large hepa hoover bags

-sold in boxes of 10 or boxes of 100 bags

-it will fit Numatic, Henry, Hetty, Harry,James

-suitable for commercial and domestic jobs



Numatic Hoover Bags Review

We all need healthy indoor air. That's the number one reason why vacuum cleaners are vital. They are designed to suck up all the unwanted elements on the surfaces of the items, and in the air of your residential or commercial premises. They've been around for long, with the first unit being invented as far back as 1901- it ran on gasoline, and it was so large that it was parked outside, and had to be drawn by a horse. Today's units are far much smaller and way more efficient. With everything from dirt, dust and pet hair, to allergens like the pollen particles floating around, your floors, carpets, and upholstery all need to be vacuumed. The dust contains everything from insect residue like cast skin and fecal material, soiling tracked into the building, and even dead skin shed by the persons themselves. The vacuum is a system. The make or break factor in the success of your vacuuming depends on the functionality of its component parts. Core to this is the vacuum bag. You want a bag that can hold in all the dirt that's sucked up, to prevent leaks that cause it to be recirculated around the house. It should have sufficient space to handle the load being sucked into it, and the strength to hold it all in without tearing. That's where the Numatic Hoover Bags come in.


Quality is key. Non-genuine bags masquerading as the real thing turn out to be more trouble than they’re worth. You don't want to be vacuuming, then the bag ends up tearing and spreading the dust everywhere. This leaves you with the arduous job of cleaning out the vacuum, finding a replacement bag, and then going back to do the same vacuuming. It's frustrating. It’s more than just about convenience. You don’t want the dust to cover the establishment. The most dangerous particles to your health are the very fine ones- and they are the most difficult to collect. They hang in the air for the longest amount of time due to their lightweight nature, and penetrate deepest into the lungs once inhaled. They are also the hardest for your body to eject. You want to ensure that they don't end up escaping the vacuum bag into the air once they’re sucked in. As such, you should steer clear of copies of the original design, or pattern and aftermarket bags that fail to deliver on the expected results. For high quality standards, you want to go for original products. That's what you get with the Numatic Hoover Bags. 


Benefits Of The Numatic Hoover Bags

1. High capacity

Each of the Numatic Hoover Bags can hold 9 liters of the dirt sucked up by the vacuum. They have been structured to be sturdy enough to handle the load. You won't need to worry about them bursting or splitting at the seams. They are the genuine real deal, trusted for the quality they deliver. In fact, they are over a dozen times more efficient than paper bags in retaining the dust inside the bag. The Numatic Hoover Bags will fit the Henry and other units described later on, and work well with the vacuum. The exact fit ensures that the suction of the vacuum is not compromised.


2. High efficiency

The Numatic Hoover Bags deliver optimum performance in dirt collection due to their high efficiency filters. The filters trap the particles and create an electrostatic charge as the air passes through them. This ensures that even the minute dust particles are trapped. This is a welcome bonus in establishments where there are persons with allergic conditions such as asthma. Particles like pollen will be sucked and held within the Numatic Hoover Bags, and not be released back into the atmosphere. 


3. Versatile

The Numatic Hoover Bags have been designed to be compatible with a wide range of units. They fit everything from Henry, Henry Micro, Hetty & James vacuum machines, all through to the commercial 200 series. In fact, they are compatible with over 60 different units. This versatility has made the Numatic Hoover Bags a popular option for both home care and clean care range of production units. 


4. Cost effective 

Each pack you purchase gives you 4 Genuine Numatic Hoover Bags. Since they are high quality and original bags, you won’t have to worry about structural failure, which gives you maximum usage, and lowers maintenance costs. The Numatic Hoover Bags ensure you get a value return for the amount you spend.


How To Use The Numatic Hoover Bags

As you use the vacuum, the dust will be collected into the bag normally. Whenever you need to change the Numatic Hoover Bags, follow these steps:


1. Unplug the vacuum cleaner. You don’t want to turn it on accidentally as you change the bag.

2. Accessing the bag depends on the type of vacuum cleaner you have. The upright vacuum cleaners usually carry the Numatic Hoover Bags inside a zipped pouch. Simply unzip the pouch to reach the bag. On the other hand, canister vacuums have the Numatic Hoover Bags inside the plastic body of the appliance- separated from the powerhead attachment and hose. Releasing the latch on the vacuum cleaner will open the unit and give you access.

3. With the open unit, you can now switch the Numatic Hoover Bags. Remove the full one, gently pulling it out. Slide the now one in and ensure that it's positioned properly. 

4. Lock the bag in place. Some vacuum cleaner units will require you to depress the latch, others will have a spring bag holder that guides the Numatic Hoover Bags and holds them in place. 

5. Close the unit after you’ve replaced the Numatic Hoover Bags.


Tips For Using The Numatic Hoover Bags

· Change the Numatic Hoover Bags regularly and as needed- under normal conditions, it should be done once a month. In areas where there are higher levels of dust and more vacuuming is carried out (like in commercial establishments with high amounts of human traffic, or residential areas with pets), the bag should be changed more frequently. This will ensure that your vacuum operates at its peak performance.

· Ensure that the filter of your vacuum is in proper working condition, and replace if necessary.

· When replacing the Numatic Hoover Bags, ensure that the top is in line with the vacuum line. In addition, you should adjust the bottom of the new bag in the housing, so dirt can collect properly. 


Numatic | Henry | Hetty Vacuum Bags

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