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-superb quality hand and body wash

-rich creamy composition soft on your skin

-contains moisturiser & protects the skin

-refreshing fragrance


Evans Ocean Blue Hand & Body Wash – Where to use

Evans Ocean Blue Hand & Body Wash is a beautiful creamy hand & body wash that can be used in gyms, public bathrooms, offices, schools, factories, etc. This soft soap can be used as a body wash and as a hand wash. Contains a contemporary perfume and moisturiser. Evans Ocean Blue Hand & Body Wash can be used with all types of soap dispensers. This quality hand & body wash has a blue gel like composition. Creates a lot of foam in contact with water and give a really clean sensation after use.


Evans Ocean Blue Hand & Body Wash – Pricing

Evans Ocean Blue Hand & Body Wash is not the cheapest hand & body wash from our shop. It is within the middle price range. You can buy 5L of Evans Ocean Blue Hand Soap & Body Wash for less than 11€ plus vat. The main advantage of using Evans Ocean Blue Hand & Body Wash is the fact that it has a thick composition and most of the standard dispensers will only release one tiny drop per push. It only requires a tiny bit of soap to create a lot of refreshing foam. It is highly recommended to use electric soap dispensers within the shower areas to avoid waste. Most of the body wash dispensers are located on vertical surfaces and unnecessary waste of body wash is very likely. The electrical body wash dispensers will only release enough product for 1 wash. Spending a bit more money in a better quality hand & body wash will actually save you money because it will last up to 5 times more than cheaper soaps.


Evans Ocean Blue Hand & Body Wash – Safety

Evans Ocean Blue Hand & Body Wash is very kind to skin, soft and moisturising. Discontinue use if any irritation occurs following use. If you would like to try Evans Ocean Blue Hand & Body Wash please give us a call and we can drop you a sample test.


Evans Ocean Blue Hand & Body Wash – Recommendation

Evans Ocean Blue Hand & Body Wash is a mid-range hand & body soap. It is a product that has a great balance between quality and good pricing. As it doubles up as both a hand wash & body wash it will save you money in the long run as you will not need to buy two similar products. We highly recommend Evans Ocean Blue Hand & Body Wash.



Evans Ocean Blue Hand & Body Wash – try it, you will like it


Find out more information about hand & body wash :


The Ultimate Guide To Hand & Body Wash

Everyone dreams of having a body that feels deliciously smooth. To achieve this milestone, one must adopt proper hand and body wash routine that prevents infections from bacteria and viruses that contribute to a rugged skin. All you need is soap, water or alcohol-based body and hand sanitizer.
But not all soaps and sanitizers guarantee immaculate results. The idea is to find Hand & Body wash soaps and sanitizers that contain the necessary amounts of antibiotic to keep bacteria and viruses at bay. In the contemporary world, antibiotics are hugely contained in numerous consumer cleaning products, for example, dishwashing soap, body wash and hand washing soaps. Data from research in the larger United States in the year 2000 suggests that 45% of the entire consumer soaps and over 75% of Liquid Hand & Body wash products exhibit traces of antibiotics.

In America, products containing antibiotics used on or in animals and humans are classified as drugs and highly regulated by the FDA (America Food and Drug Association). Before any Hand & Body wash product is disseminated into the market, antibiotic effectiveness must be measured. The effectiveness of antibiotic in a Hand & Body product is determined by the depth of decline of bacteria during an actual hand wash using a hand cleanser and compared against the unwashed hand. This is according to FDA guidelines. Nevertheless, manufacturers are not needed to abide by the set guidelines till the final scientific result requirements are recognized. In determining the effectiveness of soaps containing antibiotics, the best judgment is based on the comparison between decreased bacterial depths triggered by hand wash with bacteria containing soap and the normal soaps. A lot of statistical data have not addressed this information gap directly. However, with the many scientific studies already conducted, no solid evidence has been indicated that the added antibiotic property to soap actually offered protection from bacteria over Hand & Body wash alone.

Eventually, individuals increasingly use antiseptic products in their homes with the thought that utilizing these Hand & Body wash products will ultimately mitigate infection and illness. Even though there some evidence that Hand & Body washing significantly reduces infection, Data from research have not accurately determined noteworthy dissimilarity in the rate of infection between people that wash their hands with soap containing antibiotic and the regular soap.

Are there dangers associated with soaps containing antibiotics considering there is no concrete evidence backing effectiveness over hand washing? Perhaps the most noteworthy potential danger is the growth of resistance to the same antibiotics contained in these products, which could potentially weaken the value of such soaps in healthcare and hospital setups where the overall risk and impact of infection is evidently huge. The cross-resistance could create an even huge societal problem. Whereas hand washing just washes away bacteria, antibiotics impede their growth and kill the bacteria altogether.

The main bacterium used in consumer Hand & Body wash soaps is called triclosan. Triclosan functions mainly against Gram-positive bacteria. Triclosan operates by slowing down the enoyl-acyl carrier protein ��'reductase''process in the synthesis of fatty acids. There is significant scientific evidence that it's possible for bacteria to develop resistance to antibiotics. Two distinct means of triclosan resistance have manifested. The first one entails enhanced manifestation of a multidrug efflux pump. The second entails missense transformations in the enoyl-acyl reductase protein specifically aimed by the antibiotic. The magnitude of these scientific results is backed by a practical rise in the TMC (Triclosan Minimal Concentration) for environmentally secluded bacteria. This considerable upsurge in resistance could create a crisis for the effectiveness of such Hand & Body Wash soaps in the healthcare setups.

What troubles people more is the likelihood that the resistance of antibiotics to Hand & Body wash soaps, and other household washing products might lead to resistance to antibiotics used in clinical treatments. It is, however, prudent to note that though the cross-resistance has been witnessed in laboratory setups; there is purely no evidence to suggest it occurs in the local communities.

It is thus clear that information provided to authorities concerned is not sufficient and that further research is required in the safety and effectiveness of consumer Hand & Body Wash products. The efficiency of antibiotics in Hand & Body Wash soaps for both mitigating illness and bacteria prevention has been tackled in just a few studies. This information gap has not offered sufficient data to draw a conclusion about very important aspects, for example, the benefits of antibacterial soaps in diverse settings (schools and daycares) and for a variety of infections. Also, because of the rising levels of resistance, it's paramount to grasp valuable insights into the prospective growth of cross-resistance between therapeutic antibiotics and antibiotics contained in the Hand & Body wash products.

Considering the thorough standards set by FDA for drug approval, it's absolutely shocking that antibacterial Hand & Body wash products are not presently needed to match up FDA standards before release. Several pieces of research are still being conducted as we speak and it's hoped that positive finding will be forthcoming. So, before the official findings are brought to the public domain, citizens are urged to stick to the regular Hand & Body Wash products for cleanliness.

Top Body Washes For Men

Like women, guys need to wash their bodies with antibacterial soaps to keep the skin smooth and supple. These body wash products may not be pocket-friendly but are well worth the cost. H

ere is a list of the top 5 body wash products that men need to know before making a purchasing decision.
Burt's Bees Natural Body Wash
When you first set your eyes on this body washer, you wouldn't think that it would make it to the top of the list. Despite bearing a pretty good smell, it's wholly natural compared to other body wash products. To add to that, you don't need to bust your budget to get it plus it pretty much gets the job done with ease. It also plays a vital role of moisturizing the skin. Paradoxically, it's not as heavy as other body wash cleaning options which make it more appropriate the daily wash.

Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper

Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper carries all the characteristics you need in body wash product. The quality and smell are awesome. The innovative black pepper sets it apart from the competition which gives it energy and long lasting capabilities plus it makes you clean and feeling well.
American Crew Classic Body Wash

This body wash product has a potent attribute which apparently is its weakest point; the smell. The smell of this American crew Body wash product is alluring. The only drawback is that it doesn't last. By the time you step out of the shower, the smell is gone. That makes for a disgusting feel. Of course, there are those who don't want the smell of body wash products to stay for long. If you are the type, then this product is meant for you. Plus you can easily afford it if you are operating on a shoestring budget.

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Energy Orange Ginger
This body wash product is characterized by the citrus smell and it seems to work perfectly for many men. The moisturizing characteristics are up to the mark, but the energy attributes are a little off the mark. It has unique forming qualities that will get you delirious. The body wash product gets you clean and feeling good, plus the orange smell feels like you are drinking orange juice. It basically activates your taste buds for breakfast.

Every Man Jack Cedarwood
Sodium Cocoa Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is the same thing in spite of misleading advertising. Every Man Jack Cedarwood is a very popular body wash, and I can bet my bottom dollar that every man has it on their hand. It has a unique, awesome cedar wood smell. It also moisturizes the body but not to a higher degree. It's pocket-friendly, foams up nicely and gives you a clean finish and a good feeling.
Hand washing is equally an essential routine in our day to day life. When it's time to wash hand, hand soap will come in handy. But when should we wash our hands? Here is a short but precise outline:

After visiting the toilet

Prior and after having meals
Prior to and after food preparation, specifically, poultry, seafood, and raw meat.
Immediately after handling trash and other contaminated areas
Immediately after direct contact with pets and other animals
Money is another major source of germs, so wash hand after handling it.
In hospitals after treating patients or medical equipment
After getting into contact with dirty clothes.
If your hands appear dirty

After coughing, sneezing and blowing your nose to prevent the spread of flu if you are a subject.
Immediately after shaking hands.
The world health organization stipulates that the procedure below must be adhered to when washing hands to ensure complete bacteria overhaul from your hands.

You must first wet your hands by use of running water. Betters still, you can utilize your bathroom sink.
Enough hand soap must then be applied. Use bar or liquid soap
The next step is rubbing palm to the other palm
Rub the right palm over and above the left dorsum ensuring you interlace the finger do the exact opposite.
Do the palm to palm with fingers interlaced

With finger interlocked do back fingers to opposition palm
Left thumb should then be rotationally gripped in the right palm and vice versa
Rotationally rub, forward and backward right-hand fingers in left palm and vice versa.
Next, rinse hands with running water.
Then dry out your hands with an air dryer or disposable towel.
With the aid of towel, Turn off the faucet.

That is how you get rid of germs from your hands.
A rule of thumb, however, is never to use antibacterial soap because it may only re-introduce bacteria instead of exterminating them.
Maintain Germ-free Hands With Hand Sanitizer
When you are caught out in some outdoor activities, for instance, mountaineering and trekking, where hand soap is prohibited, and water is hard to come by (some mountaineering management teams outlaw carrying hand soaps and shampoos) or when on transit, individuals like to bring alcohol-based hand sanitizer in handy

Alcohol-based hand wipes or hand sanitizers are a perfect substitute to hand washing with hand soap. All you need to do is rub your fingers and hands, making sure to cover all the areas and finally dry them. Of course, before you use the hand sanitizer, you must check the ingredients contained. It must contain not less than 60% isopropanol or ethyl alcohol, which is more effective in exterminating germs.
When children are utilizing the hand sanitizer, exercise complete vision by ensuring they apply it well and remind them to leave it to dry completely. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers must be at all times kept away from the reach of toddlers. Sanitizers must be stored in a cool and dry place.

Hand Soap, Gloves, And Sanitizers Use – A Deeper Insight
In the latter stages of the 19th century, getting hands clean with hand soap was widely considered a primer to the mitigation of spread of germ-related disorders. But statistics are stark; today, less than 64% of women and 32% of men utilize hand soap to wash their hands. This section provides insights on the use of hand soaps, hand sanitizers, and hand gloves to enhance people's health by preventing the wide spread of viruses and bacteria.

Cleaning Hands With Hand Soap
Hand soap is obtainable in two formations; antibacterial and plain. Hand soap can also be obtained in liquid and bar configurations
Plain Hand Soaps Products
Plain Soaps products are ideally natural soap formulation and composition of other various ingredients. The other components of soap include fragrances, moisturizers and other attributes advertised by the company, for instance, floatation. Getting 100% natural hand soap with no other ingredient added is an insurmountable challenge today. Plain hand soap works in an interesting way. It separates contaminants from the skin to allow water to wash them away. The plain hand soap doesn't have any bacterial properties. It is also almost impossible to find plain hand soap these days in liquid form since most of the liquid products are formulated as anti-bacterial.

Antibacterial Hand Soap Products
The antibacterial hand soap works the same as the plain hand soap only it eradicates and kills the bacteria. There is still a bone of contention regarding the effectiveness of using antibacterial soap. The following reasons highlight the bone of contention:
Critics argue that if used for more than twenty minutes to perform the task of hand cleaning; all viruses and bacteria will be carried away with water.
Antibacterial soap products are embedded with a certain chemical called Triclosan in minute quantities to exterminate bacteria in the skin. However, most people are scared that the common bacteria are developing resistance to Triclosan due to its overuse. Also, Triclosan is recognized as an endocrine disruptor, and so when it comes into contact with chlorine in tap water, a chemical reaction occurs resulting in the generation of chlorophome. These concerns have triggered many nations to desist from using Triclosan.

Another argument is that Triclosan has little to no effect on viruses which cause the seasonal flu and common cold. Triclosan is only active on bacteria.
Bar Hand Soap Vs Liquid Hand Soap
It's easy to choose between bar soap and liquid soap regarding household usage. While people prefer bar hand soap for household cleaning routine, many public institutions prefer liquid hand soap for cleaning. Apart from the formulation differences that separate bar hand soap and liquid hand soap, the following are other notable differences:

When you want to use bar hand soap, your hands must first be wet before the application of soap. A thorough rinsing must take place afterward.
For liquid hand soap, the drill is exactly the opposite; you need to rub the liquid soap in your hands first. Give it some seconds for the soap to work on the bacteria then rinse off.
Bottom-line, purchasing the antibacterial hand soap is uneconomical as long as hands are washed for more than 20 minutes. But statistics have shown that people hardly wash their hands thoroughly which is why antibacterial hand soap is handy. This is particularly true for those individuals working in hospitals or around raw meats where dangerous bacteria are commonplace.

Using Hand Sanitizer To Disinfect
There are individuals who naturally have busy lifestyles, meaning they have little time to visit restrooms hence can't clean their hands with soap. These groups of people can use hand sanitizing gel to sort out their hand cleanliness. However, hand sanitizers don't get rid of dirt, but kill viruses and bacteria present on hands.

For hand sanitizing products to be able to kill viruses and germs, they must contain more than 60% alcohol. Hand sanitizers are obtainable in pump bottles, squeeze bottles, and wipes which can be carried with ease. Most public facilities these days have dispenser immaculately installed for hand sanitizers. Most companies issue free personal size hand sanitizers to employees to mitigate the spread of germs and viruses.
Top 5 Hand & Body Wash Products In The Marketplace

Soap And Glory Clean On Me
Soap And Glory Clean On Me is a pink shower gel that comes readily packed into a retro poster like bottle. Its attractive appearance on first sight and the heavenly smell makes it favorite for girls. Besides, it's scented with the initial Pink fragrance of Soap & Glory which literally smells nice like the popular Miss Dior that is sweet and girly. This hand and body wash product have a characteristic mandarin peel extract scent blended into the body lotion which offers you clean and soft skin.

Korres Fig Shower Gel
Korres is originally Greek. The Korres brand produces top-end beauty products from head to toe. All their products have the benefit of being organic and natural. Their top selling products shower gels are infused with varieties of scents which makes them loved worldwide. Their signature gel is the Korres Fig Shower Gel. Its smell is attractive. The scent isn't too sweet at the beginning, which offers you a mild and neutral scene. But the moment you apply it on your body skin, it delicately turns into an attractive warm, sweet smell plus the attractive smell will stay for a while even after you get out of the shower. This Hand and Body Wash product are designed for those who have a thing for naturally floral scent.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Wash
It is recommended that you use Hand & Body Wash product with antibacterial properties such as tea tree if you are suffering from Acne, It's a soap-free body wash, refreshing and so effective on blemished skin. It has the ability to remove extra oils from your body without leaving you feeling dry, and it contains a potent cleansing powder. Data from scientific research suggest that Tea tree has the capabilities to treat Acne. Utilizing the Body Shop Tea Tree Wash on a day-to-day basis will leave behind a clear-looking skin. This product is designed for both women and men.
Aveda Rosemary Mint Body Wash

Aveda products are recognized for utilizing pure plant and flower essences. Their Hand & Body Wash products are 100% natural and extremely safe to use. Aveda Rosemary Mint Body Wash has a unique refreshing mint and rosemary scent that will transform your shower time into a wonderful SPA treatment venue.

Jurlique Rose Shower Gel
It's a rose infused Hand & Body Wash product that leaves your skin clear, fresh and hydrated. The rose products are remarkably scented if you've used them. Jurlique Rose Shower Gel will literally turn your shower time into pleasure. You will cease to worry about skin dryness if you use this Hand and Body Wash product. Beyond that, your skin remains, refreshed, hydrated, extra silky and soothed.

Caring for our Hand and Body can be fun. It's always a good idea to find the best possible Hand & Body wash products so that you care for your skin optimally. A lot of skin care products are in bountiful supply out there. But complete causing must be taken when buying one to avoid potential side effects as a result of using uncertified products. An eye out for the latest trends in the body care trends and rigorous research will go a long way.


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