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Optima Proclean Curved Air Freshener

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: C.CAF
  • Availability: 60

Optima Proclean Curved Air Freshener

  • Long lasting universal air freshener from Optima

  • The product is available in two different fragrances

  • It can be used to deodorise rooms, bins, toilets, etc

  • The fragrance will be released slowly over 30 days

  • Sold with a plastic holder that attaches to all surfaces

  • Manufactured from 100% recyclable components

  • It contains 50 times more perfume than rim sticks

  • Suitable for commercial and domestic deodorising

Optima Proclean Curved Air Freshener - Where to use

Bad odours are a problem for many households and many businesses. Spraying air fresheners can be a solution but sometimes you just forget to do it and then the odours become unbearable. You need a better solution for this issue. You need to try the new Optima Proclean Curved Air Freshener. Hassle free air deodorising system that can be fully installed within 10 seconds and will provide over 30 days of fragrance. This product is the ideal air freshener for public bathrooms, domestic bathrooms, changing rooms, bin areas, vets, factories, etc. Provides the same results as an air freshener without you having to go to the area and spray it. After it is installed, the area will be fully deodorised for 1 month.

Optima Proclean Curved Air Freshener - How to use it

The new Optima Proclean Curved Air Freshener is available in two distinct fragrances. Citrus and mango. The air freshener is sold with a plastic holder that can attach to any surface, including painted surfaces, porcelain, glass, walls, doors, etc. Just remove the cover that covers the back of the plastic holder and attach the holder to a surface. Then unwrap the air freshener and attach it to the plastic holder. Job done. Nothing else to do for the next 30 days. This product reduces pollution, reduces your workload & keeps areas odour free.

Low cost air deodorising and air refreshing solution from Optima. A long lasting eco deodorising solution suitable for all businesses.

Optima Proclean Curved Air Freshener

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