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Optima Proclean Galvanised Steel Scourers 48G

  • Commercial heavy duty steel scourers suitable for commercial use

  • Large 48G, galvanised, sold in packs of 10, very aggressive & light

  • Rust-proof, low cost, chemical resistant & reusable many times over

  • Highly recommended for cleaning cookers, ovens, burners, extractors

  • Not suitable for scrubbing polished surfaces, painted surfaces, wood

  • Unequalled durability and top results guaranteed, heavy duty use only

Optima Proclean Galvanised Steel Scourers 48G - Where to use

For heavy duty scrubbing and grease removing operations you will need to use a proper steel scourer. Nothing provides better results than the new amazing Optima Proclean Galvanised Steel Scourers 48G. A proper heavy duty galvanised steel scourer sold in packs of 10 large steel scourers that can be used inside and outside industrial cookers, commercial ovens. Do not use on sensitive surfaces like painted surfaces, stainless steel, walls, glossy floors, etc. The scourer can be cleaned and reused many times over. It will not rust and it will not be affected by harsh chemicals.

Optima Proclean Galvanised Steel Scourers 48G - How to use

It is highly recommended that you use the Optima Proclean Galvanised Steel Scourers 48G wet. Pre-spray the whole area with the most appropriate cleaning agent, allow a bit of time for the product to react and then scrub the whole area. Heavy duty carbon and fat deposits might require a lot of scrubbing until the residue has been removed. Always wear protective equipment when working with harsh chemicals and aggressive steel scourers.

This is one of the most durable, most efficient and most highly recommended steel scourers from the Optima range. A proper steel scourer designed to achieve outstanding results with little effort. The same steel scourer can be used for domestic oven/cooker cleaning projects.

Optima Proclean Galvanised Steel Scourers 48G

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