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Optima Proclean 17G Stainless Steel Scourers

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: 824lop
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Optima Proclean 17G Stainless Steel Scourers

-popular universal use stainless steel scourers

-sold in packs of 20, rust free, durable, low cost

-recommended for domestic & commercial use

-better quality than similar products sold online

-to be used only for heavy duty scrubbing/cleaning

Optima Proclean 17G Stainless Steel Scourers

When dealing with stubborn dirt and grime in the kitchen, you want tools that can lighten the work.  Issues like burnt on food can make you spend too much time scrubbing the affected pots and pans if you don’t have the appropriate tools for the task. In some cases, the skin- especially of the hands, can get affected due to all that abrasion. One can’t say with certainty that they will never be faced with a case of food scorched onto the bottom of their pans. Forgetting to set the flame low, or even being distracted and failing to turn it off- perhaps because of dashing to the living room and getting caught up in that climactic scene on the TV show, or you were having a conversion on the phone and concentration was diverted for a little bit too long, or it may be those cases where there are toddlers running around the house, and in the middle of getting them to settle down, the meal that was being prepared slipped off the mind.  Suddenly you’re faced with stubborn grime that defies the conventional cleaning agents- including the dishwashing liquids. Here, mechanical action is needed, literally scrubbing off the burnt-on residue. That’s where stainless steel scourers come in.

What You Get From The 18g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers

These units are designed to deliver thorough scrubbing action, with their abrasive cleaning removing the baked-on food and stubborn grease residue that is on the dishes and cookware. From scrubbing pots and removing the burnt-on food that’s coating the pans, getting rid of the residue on the dishes and the grease that remains in the broiler pans and ovens, the scourers will be up to the task. In case you’re dealing with extra tough stains, twisting two 18g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers together will enable you to attain the desired scrubbing power. However, the scourers shouldn’t be used for the non-stick appliances and fragile utensils.

The scourers are also rust resistant.  That way you won’t have to worry about corrosion of the material, and you get extended usage out of the scourers, retaining their performance all through. The durability of the product enables it to withstand breakage of the construction under normal use, and it can be employed in the different cleaning situations, with hot water, detergents and dishwashing liquids.  

These units come in packs of 20 scourers each, and you can choose to get them in bulk, going for the cases that contain 5x20 packs, thus enabling you to meet your kitchen cleaning needs. The ability of the 18g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers to resist rusting also comes in handy to save on costs, as you won’t keep being forced to replace the scourers. Since each purchase lasts you for long, the costs that are incurred to run the kitchen cleaning operations are reduced, lightening the load on your budget.

How To Use The Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers

These units can be used wet or dry, depending on the particular situation.  Holding the scourer in your hand, place it against the surface that is to be worked on. Apply some pressure, and proceed to scrub the spot with a circular motion. Rinse off the scrubbed area using clean water, and after you’re done, clean the scourer itself.

Cleaning the Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers is vital to maintain them. This will give you multiple usages of the products, while simultaneously allowing them to retain their effectiveness. You can rinse them with warm or hot water, or choose to soak the scourers in cleaning solution, to emulsify the grease and dissolve the soiling that they have picked up. Follow these steps for proper maintenance:

  1. Begin by rinsing off the excess food debris from the scourer. You can use the sink faucet or even a dish sprayer. 

  2. Wash the scourer in soapy water. This will remove the remaining food debris. Those particles that are embedded in the structure can be picked off by hand.

  3. Give the scourer a good rinse, using clean water. Ensure that there isn’t any debris that has remained within it. 

  4. Shake off the excess water from the scourer.

  5. Allow it to air dry. 

Optima Proclean 17G Stainless Steel Scourers

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