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Optima Proclean Trough Urinal Screen

  • 100% recyclable urinal screen from Optima

  • Compatible with all types of public Urinals

  • It will release its fragrance over one month

  • Cleans, deodorises and prevents blockages

  • It releases billions of odour killing bacteria

  • Long lasting, cost effective and well priced

  • This product is available in mango fragrance

  • It will reduce urine splashback by over 95%

  • Suitable for bars, offices, GYMs, hospitals

Optima Proclean Trough Urinal Screen - Where to use

Urine backsplash is the main reason for bad odours within public toilets. By using the new Optima Proclean Trough Urinal Screen you will sort out that problem for good. This amazing urinal screen reduces backsplashes by over 98%. Each time the urinal is used, the urinal screen will release billions of tiny bacteria that cancels the urine odour and deodorises at the same time. Also, this amazing little screen will prevent urinal drainage blockage. It can be used in public toilets, bars, restaurants, gyms, offices, industrial, etc. The Optima Proclean Trough Urinal Screen will release its fragrance and it will protect the urinal for about 30 days. It will gradually release its deodorising particles.

Optima Proclean Trough Urinal Screen - How to use 

A very smart deodorising system from Optima.There is no training required to use this product. Just unwrap the urinal screen and install it inside the urinal. Nothing else to be done. Depending on usage, the urinal screen will not require replacement for between 30-60 days. The trough features a “date clock system” in which you remove the corresponding tabs on instalment so you know when it is due to be changed.

Get rid of your cheap urinal cleaning products. Start using more durable, greener and more innovative urinal cleaning systems. Check out the new Optima Proclean Trough Urinal Screen

Optima Proclean Trough Urinal Screen

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