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Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML

  • Low cost oiled surface cleaner and oiled surface maintainer from Osmo

  • Designed to remove all kinds of residue from oiled or waxed surfaces

  • PH neutral, perfume free, harsh chemical free, ready to use, easy to use

  • Highly effective against food residue, dust, light grime, drink spillages

  • It does not affect the finish of the surface and it nourishes the wax | oil

  • Food certified so compatible with all food preparation and serving areas

  • It can also be used to clean and maintain varnished surfaces, plastic, etc

  • The product reacts with the dirt fast and it helps exfoliate it from the wood

  • Suitable for daily residential use & light commercial cleaning | maintenance

  • Sold in 500 ML bottle fitted with a quality nozzle spray | Very low VOC

Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML | Why Osmo

A premium quality spray cleaner suitable for daily cleaning and maintenance of waxed and oiled surfaces. The product is designed to safely remove all kinds of superficial dirt without affecting the sealant. It acts fast and it leaves the surface streak free. The product is fume free, it contains no harsh chemicals and it can be used on oiled or varnished surfaces in food preparation areas. A ready to use formula that will provide outstanding results while cleaning spills on oiled floors, oiled furniture cleaning, oiled doors cleaning, oiled frames cleaning, oiled toys cleaning, etc. One product for all your oiled surfaces.

Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML | Where To Use It

The product is suitable for daily cleaning and maintenance of indoor oiled floors & furniture. It can also be successfully used for cleaning other types of surfaces like varnished surfaces, plastic, PVC, natural stone tiles & artificial tiles. A universal cleaner and maintainer from Osmo. The spray and wipe system is the ideal choice when cleaning vertical surfaces or small items. Its PH neutrality will enable the user to clean and maintain even the most sensitive surfaces. The new Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML is not suitable for heavy duty cleaning projects. Unlike other oiled floor cleaners and maintainers, the new Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML does not overcoat the surface and it does not refresh it. It nourishes the finish without creating an artificial glazing. 

Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML | How To Use It

There are a number of ways to use it but the standard way is to just spray & wipe. To achieve even better results you should allow the product to be in direct contact with the surface for about 20-30 seconds. Pre-spray the whole surface, allow direct contact & then scrub it lightly with a microfiber cloth. Any large residue or visible staining should be removed before proceeding with the cleaning. Very dirty surfaces should be deep cleaned with a stronger product and from then on maintained with the new Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML. When a spill happens, extract the spill with a dry cloth, spray the new Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML on it and lightly scrub the surface moving along with the fiber of the wood. A non toxic, non acidic, soft & efficient oiled floor cleaner and maintainer from Osmo.

Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML | Recommendations

Do not scrub particular areas when cleaning oiled surfaces. Do not apply the product and just leave it on the surface. Do not mix the product with any other products. Do not leave the product exposed to UV rays. Keep the product in a cool and dry place away from kids and pets. All oiled or waxed surfaces will require at least one refreshing | recoating per year. If you notice water marks or patchy finish on any oiled surface, do not clean it any longer, refresh it first.

Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML

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